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Cats urinating at front door

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We are in desperate need for help. We have 2 cats, brother and sister just over a year old. A few months ago we noticed one of them had urinated at the front door, then it started happening every other week, now its happening on a daily basis and we have no idea why. We are unsure which cat is doing it. They are also urinating under the tv stand.

-We clean their litter regularly
-We change their complete litter once a week
-We have bought a 2nd litter tray
-We've used the same litter since they were kittens
-We have cleaned the areas with Natures Miracle, bleach, oxyclean and vinegar in hopes they wouldnt do it in the same place

We have tried everything we can possibly think of, they are indoor cats and are both spaded and neutered. We are running out of patience!! Any more ideas?
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The first thing is to make sure it isn'r a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Since it started at the door I am inclined to think it is a territorial issue. One of my cats are very territorial. He is the top of our peaking order. So he sprays when he sees outside cats. He is warning them off. I use a Feliway diffuser to calm him down. I also make sure he doesn't have access to the windows. Then I clean all spots with an enzyme cleaner like Natures Miracle or Urine Gone. They do work. But first they may need to go to the Vet, just in case it is a physical problem. Good luck.
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This is just one of my usual shot-in-the-dark suggestions, but first check to be sure the seal around your door is in very good shape, then clean thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner around the bottom and sides of the door, both inside and outside. On the outside, rinse it all with a hose and plenty of water.

We had someone's outside cat spray our door. It smelled so strong, we thought one of ours had done it! But when I checked more carefully, it was clear that it was on the outside. It sure made our cats crazy, though.
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