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Went to Er Friday Night because my eyes were blurry and I could not talk

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I knew what I wanted to say but my words would not come out right.
My eyes also got weird like before I get a migraine.
The reg dr sent me to er because he said it could be a stroke or a tia.
I had blood tests,ekg,ct scan, xrays and urine tests.
The Dr said it is a new type of migraine and I need to se a neurologist.
Anyone else have that happen before?
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Oh my God Jacky!!! That's is Scary!
Are you all back to normal now?

I never had this, but I had a very scary one too.... I was driving - with a horrible, horrible migraine, all of the sudden half of my body started tingling, like that sleeping sensation, then I stopped feeling that half of my body, and blacked out.... woke up in the ER - had been taken by ambulance, my car towed... THANK GOD I didn't get into an accident! This was in the 110 FWY in Downtown LA!
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wow that really is scary!! It sounds a lot like a stroke...Some people have mini strokes but I'm sure the doctors already ruled that out. It has never happened to me but can definitely be a migraine ...
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Oh my gosh, how scary!!!
I had something like this happen to a friend of mine, it turned out he was diabetic and had insulin shock. It is how he found out he was diabetic, though he did ignore many other signs until this happened and he wound up in hospital for 3 days.
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I've had similar symptoms to that several times - I can talk, but everything is slurred and I'll stutter. I'll also get very confused, stumble, fall, have blurry vision, and ringing in my ears.
In my case it's just cerebral hypoxia. I haven't went to the ER for it because there's nothing they can do short of IV fluids and shrug at me.

I hope they can figure out what triggered this episode for you and how to prevent it.
They did do a CBC (of course) and checked your B12, didn't they? Because a type of hypoxia can happen to those with anemia.
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that never happened to me but it sounds very scary, im glad it turned out just to be a migraine instead of a stroke or something more serious. I hope you are feeling better.

im having a problem right now too, i had an annoying headache since monday and i woke up this AM to a full blown crippling migraine, i took some ibuprofen and Fiance always does this pressure point thing to my head and managed to get it to calm down a little but if this keeps up i might be taking a trip to the ER as well!
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wow Jacky, that must have been terrifying. I'm so glad you are ok, and I hope you get in to see the neurologist asap so that something like this doesn't happen again (if it can be prevented)
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I hope they can get a clear diagnosis and that it's something relatively minor and totally treatable. You and your family must have been terrified. Hope you are feeling better, and you've got to know a lot of people are keeping you in their prayers and thoughts.
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Thanks Everyone,
I was scared it could be a tia or troke because of what happened to my step mom.
Here is a list of the tests I had.
Chest Xray
CT Scan of the head
Urine Test.
Blood Tests
Hct 36.0 L
lymp 17 L
mono 11 H
abs neut
abs lymp
abs mono 1.2 H
abs eos
abs baso
co2 total
bun crea ratio
calcium total
bilirubin total
protien total 0.1 L
alb.cre ratio
anion gap 5 L
ck 30 L
The ones I put numbers by were either high or low.
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That does sound pretty scary. I hope it was an isolated event, and you don't have to go through that again!
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My friend had the same thing happen to her. Twice now she's actually done it. The second time we went to the E.R. and she is currently doing scans and has to have a heart monitor on her. They still don't know what it is.

Keep us posted! And please do take care! Stuff like this worries me
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I get hemiplegic migraines which have a lot of similar symptoms as a stroke. For mine, though, half of my body goes numb, I get rainbow auras, I can't speak correctly (like one time I tried to say "I'm going to the doctor", but instead said "I'm going to the TV", and the wrong words come out all the time like that), my vision is really blurry and light bothers me really bad, I have a hard time walking or doing pretty much anything.

I would go to a neurologist to get everything ruled out.
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Have you been sick lately?Any sort of inflammation going on/chronic tiredness? If not (or even if so), I really hope they follow up on your blood work, as well. There's enough little things off here and there that it overall looks suspicious, even to me. Without your labs reference ranges, though, I can't tell how off your tests are.

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That's so scary! I hope you're feeling better by today and I hope they can sort you out!
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What a scary thing!

I am sorry for all of you who suffer from migraines. I don't get headaches much, unless I have a sinus infection, but I understand how crippling migraines can be.

to strange wings: what is cerebral hypoxia?
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How scary. I hope you never have that again
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I have regular migraines. Occasionally my face will go v. numb and tingly on one side. I almost always have the vision problem - like half is missing. I was speaking to my coworker once when it started and half her face was melting off.

I first time I got the numb and tinglies I was v. freaked out. I'm glad you had it checked out OP.
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how are you been today?...
for you!..
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Thanks Everyone,
The Dr said its a Migraine.
The eye problems I always get with the Migraine and the Auras.
The slurring is what scared me.
I am going to see a Neuro Dr.
They said I should have seen one before since I have had migraines for years.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
They said I should have seen one before since I have had migraines for years.
We're all guilty of putting stuff off. You've had plenty to deal with lately as well - I'd guess you're just about sick of going to doctor offices and the hospital. Good luck on getting a working treatment, my only worry is that maybe something is a bit off somewhere in your body and triggered this last one. If that's the case migraine meds may not be as effective.

Originally Posted by otto View Post
to strange wings: what is cerebral hypoxia?
Lack of oxygen to the brain. In my case it's just mild, enough to cause very noticeable symptoms... but hopefully not enough that it's accumulating any damage.
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Scary stuff. I'm concerned they only did a CT and not MRI. In the early phase, the CT only rules out stroke caused by a bleed. It does not show stroke caused by clot. If you still have any symptoms, contact your MD for further workup ASAP. Hopefully, it is only variant migraine and you are feeling better now.
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The ct scan was 24 hours after it happened.
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Wow, frightening!

I've had migraines nearly that bad before, but only if i'm really tired, dehydrated, and at work... only to a point where speaking is difficult, but not impossible. I hope your neurologist can help...
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I have to wait for my reg dr to refer me.
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My goodness, Jackie! I hope things get better for you soon. It has been a tough year for your health.
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I hope the meds work for me.
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I am glad you did have the CT scan. Did it show anything?

I had that happen to me in Dec 2004. But for me, I totally lost the ability to talk. I would only be able to say 2 or 3 words at a time. I was at work when it happened and I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital across the street from where I work.

I was in the hospital 5 days as what I had was a stroke. It took me about 4 or 5 weeks to be able to speak and was back at work after 7 weeks.

Please follow-up with your Doctor appointments. And be aware of what your body is trying to tell you. I had several incidents of vision problems before the stroke that I just shrugged off as stress and fatigue from my job. I was not taking my bp meds like I should have either. Now I take them morning and night and my plavix every morning.

No one should have a stroke 5 days after their 48th birthday like I did.
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I am going to see a Neuro Dr as soon as I can get a appoitmant.
The CT did not show anything but they did say its another kind of migraine.
The vision problems I get before I get a severe migraine or a migraine.
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Jacky, I hope you're doing ok dear...this stuff worries me.

I had an MRI a month ago and it shows that I have clinical MS. Going to my neuro in 2 weeks for his comfirmation of this. My GP says it's what I have, so I'm going with that. My sister has MS so it runs in the family and it does answer alot of my issues I currently have and noone can tell me what I can do to fix them. Now with a diagnosis they should be able to find meds to make things right.
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No but our prayers are with you Jacky. Hope things are not serious.
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