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=Joy of Owning a Cat=

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My aunt's cat. She is one of those ladies you hear about that has a few too many cats.
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she's a beaut!

would love to see some new pics of tiki!
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I second that about Tiki, and had to laugh at the condition of the chair! LOL
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Uh, the chair has seen better days, though. Would make a great Caption This pic, nite. Email it to Anne.
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Beauty of a cat. Looks like the chair has seen lots of love from the kitties
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LOL..innocent cat, demolished chair
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I will post pictures of Tiki soon. I returned this weekend from my aunt's place. She is retired. My uncle passed about 4 years ago. My aunt never leaves the house (trailer). My girlfriend, her daughter and I were playing out back and lo and behold...8 kittens! They were in very bad shape. Some had eyes that were swollen shut. Others had large balls of feces and infection in their rear. I confronted my aunt about it and she said she wasn't aware. We brought the kittens back in a box and dropped them off at the animal shelter. There were 2 that i'm sure had to be put down. My aunt is old fashioned and doesn't believe in spaying or neutering a cat. She must have 11 cats on the property. What can I do? I couldn't possibly afford to fix them all. She lives in the Taos, NM area. These are 2 that are in better shape.
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Oh God, this always breaks my heart to see and hear about, but it is an all to familiar story.

What state/town is she in Nite? Then perhaps someone can be located to help
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She should really look into the low cost spay and neuter programs in her area. I can't imgaine how many kittens 11 unfixed cats could produce! I bet someone will post a link to where you can look up these types of spay/neuter programs by state or something. Or if she brought any of them into resuce at least they would get fixed there. I hope you can help her find a way to get them all fixed before there are other kitty litters like the one you described found out back in her yard.

Beautiful cat in the first pic btw, and yes we can see she has lots of cats from the chair!
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Oh the poor kitties
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I wish there was a pill you could put in their food. Not looking forward to catching 11 somewhat feral adult cats with who knows what, but I know it's necessary. She is on a VERY fixed income. Now that I think about it, I don't think she's worked a day in her life.

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Nite here you go- please contact these organizations and tell them the story and send pictures

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Would it be best just to fix the females until my budget allows for the males? Does anyone in the Denver area have a cat carrier they could loan?
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It probably will come down to, who can you catch first?

Some rescues will loan humane traps. They are also for sale at Home Depot, I believe they are fairly cheap.
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Check with social services in your area. Sometimes they have lists of low income vets. Some counties offer free spay and neuter to residents. It would be on the county web site.
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