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scared of feet... what to do?

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a new foster of mine has a severe dislike of feet. She growls and hisses at them but doesn't actually attack. I was told when I picked her up that some of the neighborhood kids kicked her around, so I understand the fear.

How do I go about showing her that feet are OK?
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How long have you had her?

Sometimes, just walking past them with nothing going bad, eventually they get used to feet.
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we've had her for three days now. It's a sucky story, I was only able to rescue mom and one kitten, there were seven. Apparently when word got out that a rescue-er was coming to get them the neighbors came and took the kittens.

The kitten is very people shy, mom loves me, just not my feet.
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I'd give her some more time to adjust to "good feet" walking by. She will likely never fully get over being kicked - but with time will learn that you will *never* kick her & she's safe with you.
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I hope so, she's a beautiful Torbie. Very people friendly (not cat friendly except with her lone kitten) Also, no one has called to turn over the kittens... I left my number, but I imagine in a few months I'll get a call or two and be back in that neighborhood for more kittens...

I'm hoping to get her adopted, she's already on the wait list to be spayed tomorrow morning (monday) and then a few weeks of recovery and I will start showing her at the Petsmart days.

Kitten still doesn't have a name-- other than Scared-e-cat. The moment I let her out she's off to hide, though if they kicked the mom I don't imagine they were any nicer to the kittens. The yard she was in was full of debris (i use the term loosley, If you can imagine it, it was probably there.) and there were children "playing" back there. :-(
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What a poor little angel. I can completely understand her fear. How can people (children even)! do this to a baby . Makes me so sad and mad!

Yup this sounds like one of those things that can only get better through time.

Sudden stomping of feet, feet rushing around I could imagin would be scary for her. So walk around calmly and quietly I'd say.

Scared-E-Cat xxx
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