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Is this from a Hairball or something else?

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Hello Everyone!
I have a 5 yr old female calico cat named Button. Maybe once every 6 weeks or so, she will vomit up a hairball. As soon as she gets it out, she is playful and hungry and goes about her day as normal.

This morning, around 5:30 am, I woke to her throwing up. I expected it was a hairball since she had not had one for quite some time. This is the only time she has ever thrown up, just from hairballs. There was a small little hairball, and the color of her vomit was the same as it always has been. But, she was not her usual rowdy little self. Her little eyes look like she doesn't feel good and she won't eat or drink. Then maybe 4 hours later, she acted like she was going to throw up again but just vomited a very small dab of white foamy substance. Now, several hours later, after she has slept most of the day and looked out the window, she vomited a little dab of yellowy foamy substance.

I have taken her to the water bowl but she just doesn't want any. I know I need to get her to drink.

I keep her in the house 100 % of the time. She has never been outside except in her carrier when we would go to the vet for shots and etc.

My vet is gone till Monday morning, but her little nose feels cool to the touch. When I hold her, she purrs, but not as loud as normal. I'm wondering if maybe there is a bigger hairball that she just can't get out? I give her hairball prevention treats and also the paste in the tube.

She is my baby and I just don't want her being sick and not do anything.

Please forgive the long post, and I do appreciate any help or advice you might give me!

Thanks So Much!
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If it's been a while since she last had a hairball, and this one was very small, it's possible she still has one wanting to come up. Or, worse news, she may be trying to pass it through her digestive tract and it's causing an obstruction.

Of course, she may just have a routine cold or something, but keep a close eye on her.
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Ok, thank you for your response! I plan on keeping a very close eye on her. She has never been sick and I get overly protective I guess. LOL

Thanks Again
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In the meantime, you might want to do a house check to be sure there's no signs of her chewing on something she shouldn't, like a plant, blanket, string, paper, that sort of thing.
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I have already checked around the house for anything out of the ordinary. I have always had to keep things put up because from the time she was little, she was a chewer and I have latches on all cabinets because she discovered early how to open them. LOL I was so afraid she would get into cleaning supplies and etc. So it has just become a habit to not have out the type of things that tempt her. Yarn edged rugs, house plants, toys with feathers, and a whole list of things are included in the things I do not have anymore.
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I don't know... If she doesn't get better soon I would take her to the ER... This doesn't sound good to me...
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I wanted to updat you all on little Button Girl. Late last night she finally drank some water, and she purred finally when I held her. She came into the kitchen with me and she ate a little food. Her little eyes looke better. Then this morning, she seems to be all fine. She ate her normal amount of breakfast soft food, then she chased it with some drinks of water and she is doing her normal activities here in the house. Following me around and playing. Her eyes are back to normal today also, full of energy and playfulness.
I noticed she had used the liter box several times overnight, so maybe whatever it was, went the way of the liter box.

I appreciate your advice so much!

Thanks Again!
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Thank Goodness - that's great news!
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Glad to hear it.

Any signs of an unusually large stool or anything like that?

But hey, we all have days we don't feel 100%.
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