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Everyone says he is fat

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One of My husbands friends came over earlier and played around with Rocky for a little while..Rocky loooves people!! He totally loves visitors who come over..anyway, my husbands friends thought he was a pregnant female the entire time....my sil came over and said she thought he was fat too....I am beginning to wonder if it is just my imagination or if I need to take a trip to the vet and see if he is fat....he really doesn't even eat that much, but he is 1 year old this month, and weighs 15 lbs...well, that was back in April and he feels heavier too..I just hope he isn't overweight.....I know this isnt anything that can be diagnosed over the internet, but to me he is just a large nutered male with a belly swag...he doesn't appear to be fat to me at all...either that or I am just paranoid and don't want to admit it.....I am like this with my human kids too actually...
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Can you feel his ribs? If so, then I believe he would not be considered fat. Belly swag isn't fat.

Take some pics!
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I will have to wait till Friday to get me a disposable camera since I don't have my digi one yet...I will let yall be the judge of what he looks like..no, you can't feel his ribs either..the funny thing is though is he doesn't eat all that much, but he is very active...
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Here is one taken back in April....he is laying down so it makes him look really fat that way, but when he is standing up, he doesn't appear to be fat at all
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Kathy the best judge would be a vet. I would make an appointment and take him in and tell the vet your concerns. The vet can prescribe a safe weight-loss diet plan that will take the weight off slowly, as it is meant to be lost. But really a vet is your best bet here.
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He doesnt look fat to me course I'm not a vet

Zoey has some of that belly swag LOL just a little though. Wonder why that is? ChiChi has it too. It shakes back and forth when she walks
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if i try really really hard I can feel neo's ribs...does that count? I know he should be on a diet but i should do
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awww he looks so soft and snuggley
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Your Rocky looks much like my Niko!

Niko is much the same way. Many people say she's fat. I am undecided. She's a big cat, that's for sure. I can't easily lift her. But...she doesn't look too fat.
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The rule of thumb that I have heard is to run your fingers down the side of your cat, but don't press hard. If you can feel the ribs easily, but they aren't protruding, then kitty is OK. If you have a hard time feeling the ribs under the skin and - er - fluff (not furr), it's time for a trip to the vet for some weight loss help.
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I think Rocky looks like a very healthy and happy cat. I would also listen to Hissy and make a trip to the vet, and if they say he is not fat at least it would put your mind at ease.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
awww he looks so soft and snuggley
He is Val!! He is the most affectionate kitty I have ever had since Kitty died a long time ago when I was a teenager.....
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He looks kind of like Tiki - my 17 lb long hair. I can't find her rib and vet does say she is overweight. But I can't have my husband to stop feeding her and she definitely knows who will give her more food

But all our friends who visit us are on her side. They all love her to pieces and try to convince me that she is not fat, just has big bones Sometimes when I am talking to people in the kitchen, Tiki will take the opportunity to push her empty bowl outside - must hoping that I will give in under pressure

But Tiki could burst into some impressive run around the yard, make some attempt at tree climbing, and certainly love to chase any kind of bugs. So I think these fat babies will be just fine...
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Hee! Rocky sounds a lot like Miss Arizona--young, healthy, pretty playful, eats sparingly--but still somehow a little fattie. I was in denial about her, ahem, "problem" for several months--everyone who met her would be like "Whoa, she's really fat!" And Offended Kittymom Me would yell "She's not fat, she's fluffy!" Until I took her to the vet for her yearly checkup and found out how much she actually weighed! A 6-pound weight gain in less than a year. She is now on a doctor-ordered diet.

As cute as the wee fat tummies are, the extra weight puts them at risk for diabetes, arthritis and other unnecessary ailments later in life. So I'm giving up the pudge in order to try to keep her healthy longer.
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