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I'm new here

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I am a fairly new cat owner, about a year now. She showed up one morning and has been here ever since. Her name is Miss Kitty Kat. She as 3 kittens that are just 6 weeks old. I am enjoying these kittens soo much! I have recently moved to Virginia and retired, being closer to my daughter and her family. These kittens and their Mom have given me much enjoyment and hope they don't mind being the test kitties for me. I have possibly 2 of them a home, this will be hard on me, they are soo cute.
More later.
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happy to see you here ! it sounds to me like you were destined to be a cat owner,
or owned by a cat !

i hope to see more postings by you, and more stories on the new kittens !

give them hugs for me !

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Hi Jeano369!

you are going to it here.

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Hi and Welcome. This is a great site. You will enjoy it here I am sure.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm very happy to meet you and your new feline friends. Kittens, eh? Yes, they're adorable; and I can understand how it's hard to see them move away to new homes.

Please let us know more about you and your cats! Here's a welcoming Blob-O-Rama for you:

My friend the Cheshire Cat, who lives in my signature block, has stepped out for a bit. But he'll welcome you, too, whenever he gets back.

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