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Another Flea Question

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I resuced and fostered a kitten that got stuck in a cactus. The kitten is doing very well and in her forever home, but I am left with the fleas.

So far I've applied Promeris flea control on my resident cats and have not seen fleas or flea dirt on them *knocks on wood* I went out and bought Zodiac flea powder and am waiting the 24 hours so I can vaccuum (don't worry the cats are not in the same room) I'm vaccuuming EVERY day and immediately emptying out the canister after I am done.

My landlord (who is the one who adopted little kitty) has scheduled a carpet steam cleaning free of charge for me for taking care of the kitty

I'm also thinking about picking up some DE if the Zodiac doesn't work.

I've never had a flea infestation before-am I doing anything wrong?
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What is Promeris? If it's an over-the-counter flea medication I would strongly advise against using it on your kitty. Please get your medication from a vet who will give you the correct medication and the correct dosage for the size/weight of your cat.

The DE is a wonderful idea but I wouldn't use it until after your landlord has done the steam cleaning.
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Promeris is not an over-the-counter flea medication, it's obtained from veterinarians. I've used Promeris before, and my foster kitten did well with it. Nova, however, lost a large clump of fur and her skin was bright red- and this was with a lower dose than for her weight range.

I don't know about the flea infestation. One of the first things we do when we bring in a cat is treat for fleas, and the cat is usually isolated from the other cats so we've had luck.

You can try chopping up a flea collar and putting it in your vacuum bag. That might help. Good luck.
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