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Karl Rove Vindicated!!!!

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Haven't heard anything about this from the mainstream, drive-by media. Hmmmm, wonder why?
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Karl Rove wrote that himself. I have a hard time believing he would be objective.
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I haven't heard one little whisper that the Democrats in Congress found anything the least bit wrong that Rove did so IMO, that speaks for itself that there is nothing.
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Give it time, I'm sure this isn't going to die a quiet death.

And in the meantime....

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1. She gave her so-called testimony in 2007, now that all the facts are in, she is nowhere to be found. No credibility there, IMO.

2. The Senate Judiciary Committee Report is complete and has been released, if there was anything that they could have gotten Karl Rove on, believe me, they would have. Their life mission is to get Bush, Cheney and Rove. The fact that the Report has been released for weeks now, speaks to Rove's lack of wrongdoing.
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It remains true that the attorneys served at the pleasure of the President, and he had the right to fire them at any time for any reason or no reason.

Just as Clinton did when he fired attorneys who had been investigating him, as soon as he got in office. In fact, he fired ALL the federal attorneys at that time, some think to get at the several who were involved in investigating him and his wife.

Was it handled well? No. Was it illegal? I think in 5 years time, we'll all know that it wasn't.
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