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Car Accident

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I just got into a car accident! I went out to get clam sauce for dinner and a card for my best friends wedding tomorrow, a woman came down the hill and skidded into my drivers side!

They called me an ambulace because my right arm and neck hurt. I guess the voulenteer ambulance corps was board tonight, cuz I got 3 fire trucks and the amubalce with about 25 people to take care of me! The damaage to the cars was so minor that the cop said she wasn't even sure it was a reportable accident!!

I'm okay, just very very sore. The worst part is that I'm the maid of honor tomorrow in my friends wedding!

I hope I feel better tomorrow... its going to be a crazy day, vibes would be appreciated!
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Take it easy! Sometimes the pain gets worse the 2nd & 3rd day.
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ohmygosh, how scary.

I am glad you are ok....

Did they give you any meds?

Mega that you are ok for the wedding tomorrow
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Very bad timing for you. A lot of pains don't show up until the next day. Did they take you in for an exam? If you feel you have to go to the doctor, be sure to keep careful records and report it to your insurance company.
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So relieved you are ok! Have to ask, did the police officer really imply the damage to your car was so minor it was barely reportable as an accident?! Even if she was joking, inappropriate! You were struck, injured, your car was damaged.
I am so sorry this happened the day before your best friends wedding! At the same time I hope you made sure there was a police report filed, you accurately record the event and damages to your vehicle, and follow through first thing after the wedding!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Very bad timing for you. A lot of pains don't show up until the next day. Did they take you in for an exam? If you feel you have to go to the doctor, be sure to keep careful records and report it to your insurance company.
Definitely. Husband got rear-ended not long ago, and he had 8 wks of physical therapy. We haven't settled the claim yet. Doofus who hit him was on the cell phone and distracted.
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OH NO!... I´m so sorry Danielle you have it this unfortunate event....
vibes for all can be fixed...
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For those who asked, yes a police report was made, by "non-reportable" what I meant was that legally the accident did not need to go though our insurance companies (we just have to report to them that there was an accident but, that there would be no claim for damage on the vehicles) or something like that.

Thanks everyone for the vibes, I just woke up and don't feel too horrible, here's hopes for the day!

Thanks again for all the vibes
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Good luck to both you and the happy couple!
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Oh dear. I hope you are feeling better - be sure to have plenty of aspirin tomorrow and just take it easy.
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My gosh! Sorry to hear about your accident I know what you must be going through, since I had an accident earlier this year in April. I'm still suffering for it 14 weeks later...I get horrible pains in my left shoulder blade, collarbone and neck occasionally, it sucks! (Got diagnosed with whiplash).

I'm still going through the compensation process, it seems to be taking forever...

Hope you feel better soon!
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Glad your okay!
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Ouch! I am glad that you are okay but take care of yourself!
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How did you feel today at the wedding?
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I made it through the wedding and was able to do all of my MOH duties! I kept ahead of the pain taking my pain meds every time I was able too, and even had the matradee (sp?) get me an icepack during the cocktail hour (bridal party was in its own room)

I didn't get to do any dancing, I was in too much pain, but all went well. I just got home a few min ago and immediatly put heat packs on my neck, sholders and lower back! I def hurt more today than yesterday, but, I'm glad I was able to be there for my friend!

Thanks for all the support and vibes everyone!
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Sorry to hear about the accident but I am glad you were able to take part inth e wedding. Now you must concentrate on getting better.
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Not surprised it hurt more the after the accident - it usually does! I'm glad the wedding went well and you were able to participate. Ihope you're completely better soon.
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Maitre d' Yeah, the spelling is a pain. It means literally "Master of..." Usually Master of Hotel, if I recall correctly.
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How are you today Danielle?.....
I hope better of health at least.....
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I'm feeling a bit better. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and today, and will go again tomorrow. He said things are "way off." I've just been taking it easy and putting lots of moist heat on my neck/back/sholders.

Thanks for asking!!!
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Originally Posted by sillyitiliangrl View Post
Thanks for asking!!!

for a soon & quickly recovery...
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that you get well soon!
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