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Bloody Stool

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Pepper is almost 18 weeks old and in the last 3 days we've found some poops with blood in them--and they have been out of the litter box. Her little bum looks inflamed as well.

She is acting fine appetite fine.

I was wondering however, I recently did a rather quick switch from TOTW to half Diamond Naturals Active cat/hairball formula (she was weaned to active cat from 4 weeks to 10 weeks). She gets about 4 oz of wet a day as well with dry--although in the last week more dry than wet d/t schedule conflict--a couple days no wet.

Is it possible that the added fiber in the hairball and extra dry the last week has just aggravated her intestinal tract?

I'll be at the vet tomorrow with one of my turtles and will run it by the vet (not our cat vet though he sees cats).

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Definitely talk with the vet - and be ready to take her in. But he's probably going to want to know if it's dark blood in the stools, or traces of bright red on the stool. If it's traces of bright red blood, I'd suspect the dietary change was too quick and she's having some issues, but I really think you will want to check this out with a professional.
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