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My dishwasher self-destructed!

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Two nights ago, the dishwasher started making this sound. It was an awful sound...kind of like the sound of money going down the drain. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Daisy went in the kitchen and just sat down in front of it, staring and waiting to see what it was going to do next. That's when I knew we had a major problem. DH checked it out the next morning and confirmed it was indeed broken. He had the manufacturer email a parts list to him, but as it turned out, it was going to be over $150.00 to get the parts to fix it. Long boring story short, we're going to have to buy a new dishwasher. It's kind of a disappointment, because this dishwasher is supposed to be a really good brand name. The less expensive brand we had before was much better.
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I have to say, I think with all the "features" on new appliances, all we've done is make them more likely to break.

I have a car in the garage that is titled as a 1927 Model T Touring Car. In point of fact, it's a replica, but it doesn't have anything you wouldn't recognize if you took Auto Mechanics in 1970. Dottie has a "simple" Chevy Cobalt, and I have no idea how any number of its features work, nor do I believe they will be working 40 years from now.

We got rid of an old washer and dryer when we got our new ones. The old ones were cheap, but they lasted 10 years. In fact, they both worked when we got rid of them. I had done a simple fix on the washer's timer, but even a new one only cost $60. I would bet against these new ones still being in working order in 10 years (or in 30 years, as our washer and dryer in Arkansas are).
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I have to say, I think with all the "features" on new appliances, all we've done is make them more likely to break.
I agree! And the manufacturers have a great racket going on. They make things of lower quality and charge 10X for it and know you are going to have to get a new one in 5-10 years.

I still have a lot of appliances my parents got as wedding presents (or bought shortly after) and I'm still using them today. I'm STILL using my mom's mixer. It's an old Sunbeam, one of the ones with the white ceramic bowls. Only problems we had were dad had to replace the cord on it once when I was a kid, and had to soder (sp?) one of the beaters to the stem that goes into the machine. I even have the attachment to make homemade ham salad or cheese salad (no that I remember how to use it, but I have it!).

We had the same dishwasher from when we first got it second hand when I was 8 until I was 26. The new one died while mom was sick (I was 33). The old washer they got when we first moved when I was 3 was an ugly olive green (gotta love the 70's), and it was still up and running with new belts when DH and I moved out of our last house...I was 37. Heck, even my mom's old Hoover still runs!
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