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Kelp tablets for thyroid function...anyone do this?

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Well, I got the results back from my thryroid uptake scan, and I do have a goiter (MUCH better than a tumor!) and according to the doctor my thyroid is "starving". The results for the uptake showed overactive function as apposed to low function but she explained it was like giving a 2lt of Mountain Dew to a 4 year old. It is so deprived of Iodine normally that it just went crazy once I took the iodine pills for the test.

So she wants me to take Kelp tablets for 6 wks to see if that will help before she puts me on any prescription drugs, which is fine with me (and my bank account). I go back in 6 weeks for another uptake scan and see if that is all I need or if I need more.

My question is, has anyone here used this therapy and what are the side affects? I've been taking them for 4 days and I swear I can't get enough to eat! I'm constantly hungry? I'm guessing that would be a good thing and show that my thyroid is raising my metabolism back to normal but should it work that fast or is it just a coincidence. Also, I've had major gas for that last few days and that's really the only thing that has changed (well that and actually being hungry...which I guess could do it because I do eat strange things...cold hot wings at 4:00am kind of thing. )

I'm not looking for medical advice and I will talk to my doctor (when she comes back from vacation) but I just wanted to know if anyone else tried this and what the results were.
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I have never taken kelp tablets but it does make sense that they would be helpful because of how high in iodine they are.

Several other foods that also are loaded with iodine is most salt water fish, eggs, cheeses and oily fish like salmon and sardines. So keep that in mind as well when you are preparing a menu for the day.

I add these things into my diet not because I am iodine deficient but because I have problems with my hemoglobin and iodine helps me to utilize iron better.

As your thyroid function begins to improve you will notice that your hungry more because your body has been deprived of a lot of energy.
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That funny because the last few years I've been literally craving fish, especially salmon and those little fish steaks you get in the tin for 2 for $1.00 (in Louisiana hot sauce! yumm!). I never was much of a fish person before but now I want fish before steak or chicken. Guess my body was trying to tell me something. Of course, I've always been a cheese fiend (didn't know it was high in iodine) and can't live without my scrambled eggs on Sundays.

One thing I found out while doing research on the internet is broccoli reduces the effect of the kelp pills (or any iodine suppliment). It's my favorite vegtable and usually eat it a few times a week. Guess I'll have to cut back on that now.
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