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Foster's Coat

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Hi all!

I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I would like some help describing my foster's coat. She's orange and black with a little bit of cream under her chin and has some tabby markings. What would be the correct way to describe her color/markings?

Here are a couple of photos:

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She is pretty Linda.
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She looks a little like my Cali, except Cali's tabby markings on her body are more pronounced. I've been told that she's a brown patched tabby, or torbie.
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Goldy is right - she would be a brown patched tabby but a "reverse" one - where the red is more dominate in color then the brown is. Kinda like a blue-cream where you have more patches of cream then blue.

Keep in mind that with bicolors you can have varying amounts of white to black and still would be a black & white bicolor cat

Still is the same colors involved, so it would still be called the same.
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Thank you so much for the replies. Your description is so much nicer than mine.
Her coat is really an amazing shade of red, I think she's gorgeous.

I want to get her into another foster home or an adoption kennel quickly because I think she'll wind up being another foster failure if she's with us for very long.
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And that would be a problem............????????
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