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Cats and valium

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What have been your experiences with putting cats on Valium or something similar? What were the reasons for doing it? How much has it changed their personality? Has it worked? Has it been something you had to do short term for a behaviour problem, or is it something they need to do for life?

Smudge has been having major problems with Stumpy - if Smudge approached Stumpy, it's fine. If Stumpy goes anywhere near Smudge (even just walks past her), Smudge completely flips out. She's hissing, growling and carrying on. It started ~6 months ago, has gotten worse over time, and was at its worst after we went away for a week (and had a cat sitter).

Last night Stumpy was trying to play with Smudge, which was upsetting Smudge, then they got on the cat tree, and Stumpy kept trying to play and they almost actually started fighting, but I was there to get Smudge away. Stumpy generally ignores Smudges hissing, which is good because she doesn't escalate, but bad, because sometimes she just gets closer to Smudge to try and figure out what she's doing, which of course makes it worse.

My only way of dealing with it, is to keep Smudge in our bedroom, and Stumpy downstairs, and that keeps them happy.

Lily has started hissing as well lately - at Stumpy, and if anything scares her, so I think Smudge's stress is causing Lily stress too.

Smudge has had a check up and blood work to check for health problems, and is fine, and we've had a cat behaviourist in to look at the problem, and she had some good ideas on how to keep everyone happier, but nothing to actually stop Smudge' behaviour toward Stumpy.

I'm wondering if valium or something similar is what she needs. Anyone's experiences with it would be appreciated.
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I think Buspar would be a better choice. It might be worth a trial if things are that bad.

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PM white cat lover - She has had some good results with Buspar.
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IMO, for behavior issues, if you are resorting to medicating (and I am not against it), I suggest trying Buspar first.

It is non-habit forming (meaning you can just stop giving it).
The biggest downside to it is that cats can become 'too cuddly'. Seriously. Ophelia, when on it, is the world's snuggliest pin cushion.

Buspar is actually what my vet recommends in certain cases when bringing a new cat into the household, if intros are going rough & resulting in aggression.

For any specific questions, you can PM me.
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I find it odd that Lily and Smudge are both hissing at Stumpy. Has he been to the vet lately? Could they be sensing something odd about him? Interesting....
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Thanks Nat, I'll book in to see the vet next week and ask about Buspar - it sounds as though it might help Smudgey.

They're all girls, but Smudge and Lily always preferred playing together rather than with Stumpy. Stumps is kinda hyperactive and plays a little too rough with her sisters.
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What is Buspar?

Rather than medicating I recommend you get a few felwiay plug in diffusers. Feliway plug in diffusers release cat pheremones into the air, helping cats feel more secure and less territorial.

They work.
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Thanks, I have Feliway diffusers, and I do agree they do work in certain situations, but I believe the situation is past the stage of Feliway helping.
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