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Why is he picking on her?

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So last night, Jordan was up to no good again. He has always like to pick on Maggie, but last night it was differnt than normal. Usually it is about dominance or sometimes playing. Last night though it was like he was irritating her for fun. In the early morning Maggie enjoys watching the birds. Well this morning every time she tried to sit peacfully on top of the air conditioner he would come over & irritate her. He usually starts by looking at her, she will growl a little. Then he will step on to the air conditioner, she growls a little more. Then he will put his paw up like he is going to hit her. She growls, hisses & puts her paw up. Then he would walk on to the air conditioner & push her off. Then he would just walk away. It was like he just wanted to make her nuts. I can see if he wanted to be up there, but he didn't care. He would wait 15 - 20 mins & then come back & do it again.
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sounds like the air conditioner is contested territory... They'll work it out My cats have this issue too. The top of the kitchen cabinets has always been Monty's. Then Bootsie went up there one day and he kept bullying her off, but Monty owned the bedroom wardrobe as well... Eventually, he gave her the wardrobe in return for her keeping off the kitchen cabinets... In my experience territory is always changing hands.. but not without a little scuffle.
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Sounds like Jordan was bored. I'm having similar issues, and know it's because Stumpy gets bored and wants to play.

You need to find more things to stimulate him, and have scheduled play time in the morning and evenings with them both
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