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People Who Anger Me!

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My neighbour probably needs to be shot in the foot! Not only did he drop these two kittens off into my yard because he was too lazy to take care of them, but now he's dropped off 3 more cats outside!!! 3 3-4 month old kittens are not outside his door screaming and he refuses to let them inside because he says they are too much work and he's tired of cleaning poop!

And I hear this is not the first/second time he's done it!

He owns a restaurant in town and I am telling everyone I know including a rescue/shelter here to boycott it because there is no way I am giving him my hard earned money after he can't even spend his on things he took on. I am 18 and now have to pay to get these two kittens food, shots, shelter, and vet bills, but now I am probably going to be taking care of the next 3 or at least paying the fee to put them in the shelter. I know I technically do not 'have' to be doing anything, but it angers me so that he can drop off innocent lives that he was supposed to be taking care of! They did nothing wrong besides falling into his hands. And if he's done it before, I do not understand why he needs to try again! You don't get to test out another life, you take it on and even if it's hard and not what you expected, you are responsible for either taking care of it or finding someone who can.

Sorry, I am soooo angry right now I needed to rant. Hopefully you guys can understand me because it seems like no one else can.
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You have every right to be angry! Good for you for being so caring and responsible in helping these poor babies.
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It makes me angry too!
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I'd be reporting him to the SPCA as soon as possible!!!

Grrr!! Sometimes people are SO heartless!! I mean...no one is perfect and sometimes we make mistakes when caring for our kitties...but the very least you can do is try to give them a good life!!

Not just dump them on your neighbors lawn because you dont want to clean up poop.

CATS POOP OKAY?? For all of you out there thinking about getting a cat.
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Originally Posted by Nekomania View Post
I'd be reporting him to the SPCA as soon as possible!!!
I would but I live in Cebu, which is a pretty lawless and corrupt society as it is so it probably won't be dealt with anyways. He is aware I am sure about how upset I am and I am taking the other three cats away to the shelter on Monday. He won't be able to take more cats in off the streets near the house so I hope he learned that he isn't supposed to have pets.
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