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A happy adoption

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My local little pet store started bringing in cats from the local rescue society. They have two huge wire cages set up in the front window, with perches on several levels, and lots of toys. Everyone who shops there goes to visit the cats. They have been very successful placing these strays, many of which have been feral. Each cat has their story posted on the cage.

Lorna was a beautiful, dignified calico, who did not like other pets, and who was lovable on her own terms. Some days she would be sleeping, some days she would come to the edge for scratches, and some days she would be aloof and sit and stare out the window. When there were cats in the cage beside Lorna, they had to put a blanket between them, she really preferred to be the only cat in her little world. All of the clients were worried that she would never be placed, because most people were going into the store for pet supplies, they were not from homes without any pets.

I went in today, and found out that Lorna found a home. She has gone to live with an elderly couple who just lost their cat. They are home all day with her, so she will be spoiled, and the first night she was there, she snuggled in bed with them. I am so happy for her!

Now they have a pair of 14 week old kittens, that have to be adopted as a pair because they need each other for company. And an absolutely wonderful black boy, who is so friendly that he gets to wander around the store with his cage door open.
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Now these are the type of stories that make my heart burst with happyness. Yeah!!!!

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I love stories with a happy ending.
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Hurrah for that store! What a great store to open itself up to finding homes for the homeless.
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YAY! I'm so happy to hear that Lorna has a furever home! God Bless that couple that decided to give her a chance!
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