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The gayest straight man in history, Part 2...

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So, I'm actually leaving work at around 8:30 this morning to head home, so that I can start recording 5 uninterrupted hours of the Solheim Cup. I live just a few minutes away, so I can likely sneak back in to work, with no one the wiser.

Why don't I just set the timer, you ask? For one, I don't trust timers of that sort 100%; secondly, I'm not terribly well-versed in how to set it up in the first place. Does anyone know how gay-straight guys stack up in terms of paranoia and illiteracy in regards to electronic devices?

And for those who don't know what the Solheim Cup is, I'll let you google it, and maybe get you interested in it as well. And to allow you the chance to sit back and say, "Wow, that really is one gay-straight guy!"

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I can handle limited golf but 5 hours? Wow! As for setting the timer, my hubby can't do it either. Actually, it's usually me who hooks up all the electronics in our house unless it's computer related. Hope you enjoy watching it over the weekend.
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You are too funny.

I happen to be the one in my family people call on to set up their electronics. I don't LIKE doing it but I seem to have a natural feel for how things work like that. Of all the gifts one is given!
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All but one of my friends who are gay are well-versed in setting up and using their electronics, so your inability to set the timer does make you a "gay straight guy". I think you might have to turn in your guy card altogether!
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DH has spent most of the day watching this tournament. He's been very impressed!
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I could never watch golf or any sport for that matter (yes, for those who don't know, I am male even though my user name suggests otherwise ) As for setting timers or anything else to do with electronics, that is a piece of cake for me. I can set up sound/video systems with ease, install car audio systems etc. However, I did teach video production at one time and also worked as an engineer with 2 radio stations
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I'm good with electronics but setting timers for recording shows is a nightmare on anything other than a Tivo.....I mean, when you have 4 buttons and you are supposed to do every function just with these 4 buttons, that's just not user friendly!!
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I set the timer for us all the time. I have to use 3 remotes in order to do it, but once I figured it out, it's actually pretty quick to do.
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