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Hey Everyone have you missed me?

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Hi all,

I know I have not been on the site in a while, I left mostly in order to spend as much time with my friend Laura as I possibly could. Laura passed away in May.

Since then I have been quite depressed, since Laura was only 34 I have been evaluateing my own mortality quite a bit. With all the trama in my life in the past year I have had to do a lot of soul searching. I realized that life is too short for not being happy, especially after I lost my job in June.

I am working on going back to School for Medical Administration and have been allowing myself more time with family and friends. My Grandmother has needed me more since Grandpa died in December and my brother's health has improved a lot since his blood clor in December. My Friend Chris who commited suicide in January was laid to rest with headstone just a few days ago on what would have been his bithday.

On top of all of that I am so happy to no longer be working at the collection agency it was too much stress for too little appreciation. I have been a thousand times happier since I lost that job, I am still of course looking but don't seem to be qualified for any jobs that are coming up so that is why i'm looking at going back to school.

My cat Sibohan has loved having me home however her "escape" compulsion has not let up at all and I had to pull her out of the apple tree out front just last week. Kyra my Lab/Malimute mix got sprayed by a skunk 2 weeks ago, and just a point of interest Tomato Juice stains white dogs pink. Also thank goodness for "Skunk off".

I hope to be back online more often I have missed the support and freindship from all of you. See you Soon!
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I am so sorry you have had such a trying year. I really hope things get better from here on out. Good Luck with school. That's great you are going back.
Welcome back
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Hiya! Welcome back!!

You have had such a rough few months, I am sorry to hear of everything that has happened
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Oh My Goodness! You have been through a lot.... You should be proud of being such a survivor!
Welcome back!!!
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Hey honey! welcome back!

I'm so sorry for everything that has happened, and especially for Laura. That is entirely too young.

Losing a job that is that stressful is NOT a bad thing, IMO. The only way you can do your best is in a job that you are happy with. This gives you the opportunity to regroup and decide what you really want to do.
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Your userpic has always reminded me of elves. I hope there are better times ahead for you, and welcome back.
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