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Baby Fiona

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With my former foster kitten, Nina, adopted to a wonderful home, I now have a new little houseguest for a few weeks. Meet Fiona:

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awwwww, she's so purty.
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omg. another cutie.
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She's so itty bitty!!! I don't know how you can give them back! I know I sure wouldn't be able to!
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What an absolute sweetie!!
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With this look alone, just full of teeny catattude, I would never be able to give her up!
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She is a little cutie-pie
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Aw, adorable little Fiona has captured my heart. She should have very little problems getting placed.
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Absolutely perfect! Those big eyes in that tiny face are just too precious.
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Awww, she is adorable!
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I want to give her a great big kiss!!! and pinch her cheeks
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i want her!
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