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Very, very distraught and I don't know what to do!

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Sugarly has gone offside again. She is the reason I found this site, and in October of 2002 it was determined that she had emotional issues causing her inappropriate elimination problems. She has been on a kittycat antidepressant since then. As she has been getting better, we reduce the meds as per the vet. However, even on the meds she has going thru bouts of peeing and pooping where she shouldn't (at least 8 different occasions since Oct 2002). Everythime she does, we put her in isolation until she learns to use her box again. She is in isolation right now. Saturday she pooped the bed, the hall, the living room and the kitchen. Something has changed however. She has now become aggressive with the other cats. She attacked Peperpot Saturday night (which was the trigger for her pooping). At the time, she was on full pills everyday as she had been acting weirdly, so we increased her dosage. My husband is at his wits end, it is breaking both of our hearts. We don't know what to do. We will be taking her to the vet on Friday to consult with him, but hubby is saying we may have to put her down. If anything new happens in the house lately she is stressed.

Any answers?
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I'm so sorry this has happened Ady. I'm sure you've done all the usual stuff that's recommended. Maybe take her to a behavior specialist or try a different antidepressant (if that's possible)? I don't think the worst case scenario is for her to be put to sleep, but it may be to find her a different home without other cats. Best of luck and I'm sure some others will think of other things you could do.
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She is very anti-social and may not be able to handle the move. She is very affectionate with me and the hubby, but whenever we have cat sitters they don't see her for the whole time they are there. A move may make it worse, as her problems, for the most part, are not related to the other cats but to change and new people.
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The best thing to do, I would think, is to take her to a home wihtout cats. Less cats means less stress. The only problem is that from my own experence, cats are very social creatures.

Hope it helped.

~ Salem
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OH no!! Hope the Vet can help! If not I am with sfell. Before considering to put her down would trying to find her an only Pet home where she can be queen be a possible solution? I know giving her up would be very hard but still better than putting her down.
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I think part of the key here is that she is now being aggressive with the other cats and before she wasn't. How is her behavior when she is in issolation?
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She sleeps alot during isolation, and often runs away when my hubby is in the room (he gives her the pills). I will try to find her a new home 1st, but not many people will want a cat with behavioural problems. My concern now is with this new change there now be something medical wrong with her.
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Ady aggression out of the blue is sometimes a response to pain. Her pooping and peeing out of the box although you have it narrowed down to behavioral problems, could be something more deep-seated than that. Have you thought about consulting an animal behaviorist? Or even an animal communicator? I do know some very good ones if you want to email me, I will send you their names and email addresses for you to decide.
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What about blood work? Has any been done to rule things out? It could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency or allergy that could be causing the behavior. If not a behaviorist could be a really good idea.

Great idea MA.
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MA - I sent you a PM.

Bloodwork was done again about 8 months ago, but it may have to be done again.
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The thing that concerns me is the the aggression is a new behavior. When we see a behavior change it tells us that either the cat is ill or that there is something going on in the cat's environment that is having a negative impact on her.

You said that Sugarly has the worst reactions in response to people. Have there been new visitors or people staying in the house longer than usual? Try your hardest to think of things that have changed in the environment to get a better idea about what she is reacting to.
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Can you set up a room just for her? Her toys, her litterbox, her food and water dishes? Someplace that is just for her alone and she doesn't have to share anything? This could be her little kingdom and you could visit and hang out with her from time to time to help her calm down.
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MA - I am going to e-mail that contact you sent me today.

We have thought of setting a room up for her, but everytime she is in isolation she cries to get out, and John and I spend a lot of time with her in there.

Other then Sunday (after she was already isolated), there have been no new people in the house for over 2 weeks. No furniture was moved, but the doors and windows have been open more as the weather has been nicer.

Vet appoint has been made for Friday morning and I am sending the email to the animal communicator that MA send me.

Thanks for all of the support everyone!
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Best of luck, Ady! Sending positive vibes!!!
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Two of our 6 cats have gone adsolutely bonkers since we began opening the windows. The smells and sounds have really agitated them and led to a spraying spree by Chester and UTIs in three of the cats!

Given what happened in my house when the outside world came in through the open windows, it very well may be what is happening to your girl.

Try getting some Bach's rescue remedy. This will help keep her calm more than would the antidepressants.

I can't remember whether you have tried the Feliway plug-in. When I put one of these next to the door where the ferals hang out, Chester stopped spraying. Perhaps it will help calm your girl as well.

Good luck!!!!
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I wish you the best of luck with Sugarly.
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Ady just so you know? you emailed the cat behaviorist. I sent you only the communicator's phone number and name. Best of luck with Sugarly.
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Thanks hissy - I figured I would contact both. The more opinions the better.
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