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I Love Shopping

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My Sister and Brother-in-law took me to Appleton, WI for the weekend to celebrate my b-day which was last Sunday (June 8). As we live in a remote area, Green Bay and Appleton are the closest "large cities" we have. Green Bay is 3 1/2 hours away and Appleton is 4 hours away. They paid for my room at Comfort Suites. It was really nice.

We went to Petco and PetSmart and Max made out like a bandit. I bought him a lazer toy, that Teaser toy, a catnip pillow pad, a new brush, fish flakes and these towellets that you rub your cat down with. It is supposed to moisture his skin and take up any dander or loose fur. He loved everything I bought for him. I really wore him out with the lazer toy. What a hoot he was!

Oh yeah, I bought some things for myself too. It is just great to get away for the weekend. But boy, was it hot. Too hot for this Yooper. I was glad to get back home with temps in the 70's.
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First of all happy belated birthday!!!

.and I am glad you had such a great time. I just can picture Max racing after the laser beam like a mad man hehehehe

Hope you can do it sometime soon.
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I am so terrible. I have spent so much money since I've gotten Zoey (3 months ago). From everything to cat tree, toys, cat bed, special ltter, the best food... and I'm going to buy her a couple of Katwallks next..

Is this unhealthy? lol. I dont have any kids or anything so she is my only baby.
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Gee that is a real sign of a cat lover- it's your birthday and kitty gets all the gifts! LOL
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Nope - that is quite normal. My budget for cloths has been transferred to the kitty fund!!
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I've said for ages that we eat low budget, the cats eat Premium. If the choice was between something I wanted and something the cats needed, the cats win every time.

Plus, they love to see what you've bought for them! (What's in the bag mom? Hmm? Hmm? Is there something for us? Mom? Mom?)
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That's exactly how Max was reacting when he saw the bag. I've had him for three years now, so he knows when I come back home that there is a bag for him.

That lazer toy is such fun. It is a good way to wear him out before bedtime. When I stop the lazer, he figures it went under his catnip pad, so he is trying to lift up the corners to see if the light is under it.

I'm single and don't cook a lot. So often there is no food in the house for me, but the cabinet is stocked with food and treats for my my furball Max.
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My daughter was looking in the pantry for something to eat the other day and she said... Mom, theres more cat food in here than people food! I gotta go grocery shopping! I went to petsmart yesterday for the animals and I tend to buy too much. They have so many toys now, Im gonna have to start putting them away and bringing them out one by one so they wont get tired of them.
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Zoey LOVES the laser!!!

Here's her doing her Matrix impression

Matrix Zoey
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