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Chicken Soup?

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Has anyone tried Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul with their cats? It is a high quality brand but was wondering what others thought about it and how it worked out on your cats.
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chicken soup IMHO is a mid grade premium and good food for the price ... It has too little protein in some formulas for me and has lower fatty acids plus is HIGH in grains
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I use it and my cats like it.
I have only used it a few months though.
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I use it and my cats are doing well on it (not a lot of vomiting, no urinary issues, etc.). Sometimes I think I'll switch to something else, but I'm kind of afraid to, since this food is working so well. Besides, it's affordable, and that's important with as many cats as I have!
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I have it here in both adult formula and kitten, plus i have it for my dogs lol

It's not the only food a member of the rotation of products i use, they all eat it and nobody has any issues.. it's priced decently and readily available to me even with being in a smaller rural town.
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I've used it as well, but for the same price I can get TOTW which is better IMHO.

But its not a bad food.
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Thanks for the information guys it is all really helpful!
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I use it and we love it.
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I feed the adult wet food (sometimes the adult hairball wet food). It's one of the few wet foods that my picky cats will eat that still has ingredients I like, plus it's affordable!
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