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I eat a LOT of shrimp, is it ok for the cat?

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I eat a TON of shrimp, and I mean a ton. I eat it almost daily. I'm wondering after cooking it and all, is it ok to let the cat have a shrimp or two like once a week or something or should I stay away from that period? What about canned tuna?

Right now we have her on hard food as it's cheaper and we're bad on money right now
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I've hear canned tuna can lead to vit. E deficiencies, but I assume this is if you feed it as a diet, not if you just use it as a treat.
As for the shrimp, since you can but dried shrimp as a "gourmet" cat treat, I think its ok. My cats get this treat and love it!
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If it is given occassionally as a treat, it is OK. If your cat has UTI issues, don't do it. It exacerbates problems.
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I haven't noticed any kind of UTIs. She's going to the vet tomorrow for a full checkup since getting her from the SPCA.
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I didn't know this when I first posted, but if I'm correct, she's rather new to your home? And she's only a year or so? It's young for urinary tract problems, and you don't know her health history, so there's really no way to know. But a little shrimp occassionally shouldn't be a problem.

If she likes it as much our Tuxie does, you'll wish you never gave her any.
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I personally don't see a problem with feeding your furry friend cooked shirmp from time to time.
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I've had cats who either love shrimp or can't stand it, so whether or not you can feed it definitely depends on them!

One or two a week shouldn't hurt .
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I think if she likes it, that once in awhile won't hurt. Cats love seafood.
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MANY cats are allergic but otherwise a moderate amount is fine as a treat ( ie NO more than 10% of total diet )
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An occasional treat of a shrimp or two will not hurt (no more then once a week). Tuna really is not a good food for cats. And if its a male, it can cause more UTI's.

Our cats rarely get any kind of fish or seafood. Maybe a little tuna juice or some that is mixed in the canned food - but nothing fish based (like tuna or salmon).
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Pumpkin will only eat fancy feast salmon with shrimp. I've tried other non-fish flavors but he wont budge. I know its not the greatest for him. I wish he would eat something else. So
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Both my cats love FF but they don't care for the fish flavors. I think this is so odd because every cat I've ever had goes wild over fish. Mine prefer beef and chicken with or without liver.
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FF has so many flavors, you would think that my cat would like at least one non-fish flavor. One day I got one of each flavor, but he didn't go for any of them.
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My foster boys will pretty much eat anything, especially big fluffy black cat Archie. But I did find something fishy that he wouldn'ttouch - mock crab!

I was eating some of those summer rolls you can get from takeout sushi - with mock crab and shrimp? Well, the boys decided to help me. But Arch wouldn't touch the fake crab... he would however have eaten every last bite of shrimp if I had let him!

I have been using canned wild alaskan salmon to mask the taste of metronidizole for Archie --- I feed it to him in the half-bath off the kitchen. When I tell him "Archie, food!" He runs to the door and claws at it to get in! He thinks he's getting a treat!
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My mom loved to eat cold boiled shrimp and would have to share with one kitten. If not he was in her face so close that his mouth would block hers.
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any (safe) human food in moderation. However, it's best to start a new cat off with cat food only and gradually add treats after a healthy diet has been well established. too many treats can spoil kitty's appetite and make for a finicky cat.
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