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Midnight was named by my sister. He's black so it was kind of obvious.

Maui is a name I liked. When I got her, I wasn't sure what I would call her but Maui seemed to work. I thought it was a little more exotic and she's half siamese but her points are funny. Her little feet are pure white while it gets darker up her legs and kinda striped. Her face has like a light orange on one side and little shades of gray. She's different alright!
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Oliver was easy: Oliver and Company! Also, he was thin and a begger when I found him, so Oliver Twist (he's still a begger at his proper weight of 15 pounds!)

We own both movies now lol
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Spookahontas because she was a wild scared of everything cat. Spook was too common so Spookahontas she is!

Fluf. Because Fluffy is too over used! She is a big fluf ball. I call her Thin Lizzy sometimes

Milo ... um, should have been named Terror Stuck in a Tiger suit! He is very cute tho!

Leo Gump. RIP my boyfriend. We all know Forrest Gump? Well Leo is Forrest in kitty form.

And, Boy aka Ranger (came with the name Ranger from the pound but doesn't really know it's his name) I call him Boy and he responds.. It works!
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I heard a name I liked so went with that. Then shortened it to a nickname that I like, unique & fitting.
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Speck - because he has spots and I thought it was cute.
Daisy - after the cow my dad's family had when he was little.
Siamie - because she's a color point cat and DH wouldn't hear of any of the names I chose for her.
Marshmallow - after the StayPuff Marshmallow Man in "GhostBusters".
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Pumpkin got her name because of her eyes. My GF first saw her in the late afternoon, and in that light they looked very orange... pumpkin colored.

Zero was named by one of the other tenants in our apartment at the time... named after the dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Naming a stray is the first step towards adoption... at least in our home.
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Joey - as a kitten, he hopped & would sit up on his hind legs alot
J.C. - for JC Chasez; also, we had another JC w/similar personality
Andrea - rescued from Hwy. 49 just outside of San Andreas
Cindy - actually "Cinder Cone"adjacent to Coso Rest Area, where she was rescued from
Tommy Scott - a former feral who likes both names
our kitten fosters:
Todd - short for toddles.We got him at the "toddling" stage
Kyle - came running when I said "kyle" into the phone (My brother's best friend's name)
Kelli- another K name, to go with Kyle, her identical (except gender) twin
Alex - he responded to the name
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Prissy was originally "Mirra" which was short for Miracle because she was only about 4 weeks old when she was thrown from a moving car, and it was a miracle she survived and found a home. But she is a real queenly cat, very proper and quiet and walks like a princess, so Prissy she became.

Cuddles, becuse he is without a doubt the biggest cuddler ever. I was going to rehome him, but from 6 weeks old, he's always in my lap or curled around my neck sleeping and/or purring so happily! (as he's doing right now)

Loudmouth was left by some neighbors, and is my current rescue project. My then room-mate couldn't refuse her loud and insistent pleas for food and attention, so he named her Sonora, which apparently means "loud" in Italian. When he moved out and I took over, I renamed her Loudmouth because it's just easier.

Pink, Yellow and Blue -- They are the 3 amigas, cuddle's sisters from Loudmouth's first litter, and they all looked so similar that the only way for me to tell them apart was to give them each different colored collars. So, one had a pink one (and has been rehomed and renamed Bella from Twilight) one had a blue collar and one has a Yellow/green collar.

And, I found out I'm slightly color blind, as I see the collar as ONLY yellow, not green at all, but everyone says it's lime green. This sure explains a lot!
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The night we first adopted our kitten, we went through a handful of different names until we thought of Duncan. Somehow, it just fits his personality perfectly. Also, my favorite coffee chain is "Dunkin Donuts."

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This is a fun thread! It's a shame I didn't see it until now !

I named Cassidy, well, Cassidy almost immediately after meeting her. She is my ginger and white DMH/DLH 1+ year old girl. At the shelter, she was named Orianna which means something similar to light and golden. While that's a pretty name, it just didn't suit her. Well, in my opinion anyway. But choosing a different name for her was easy since Cassidy popped into my head just moments after meeting her. I have an affinity for human names for animals and to go with my already established Irish theme, Cassidy just seemed to work. I like that it has some shortened variations such as Cass and Cassie and it isn't the most popular of names which is also a bonus. It's just the perfect name for my fluff-monster and I couldn't imagine calling her anything else!

Delaney was a name I had picked out before even going to the shelter to pick out Cassie's (and my!) new kitty friend. I've always loved the name Delaney and I think Laney is such a cute nickname. It was just icing on the cake that it wound up suiting the cat I picked out. Well, in all honesty, I had an idea of which kitty I wanted to adopt after scoping out the shelter's website, but it still suited her personaility once I had the opportunity to meet her and sign the papers. Delaney is just over a year old and is my DSH brown tabby and white girl. She's a cutie and the name Laney couldn't have been a better choice for her! It certainly beats the name she had while at the shelter -- Bodacious .

My girl Emory was the most difficult to name. I adopted her from a shelter just a couple of months ago and her name while there was Emma. I love the name Emma, but I just wasn't feeling it for some reason. And, so I asked for name suggestions from the forum and those, coupled with my own thoughts, made their way onto a list. I tried out Zoe and Fiona which were a couple of TCS member favorites as well as my own, but they never seemed to stick. So, in the end, to keep with my Irish theme, I decided on Emory. It was cute, different, and still similar enough to the name she had while in the shelter so as not to throw her off too much. Now, I can't believe it took so long to decide on since it suits her so perfectly, but I guess that's how things go. Oh, and, by the way, my girl Em is a nearly 2 year old DSH tortie!

Again, this thread was fun. It's always interesting to see and hear where the names we've become so accustomed to seeing and associating with cats come from!
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I got the name "Penny" from a song my sister usedto sing to me when I was really really little (like 3 or 4, she was 11 or so)

I got the name "Daisy" from TV
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Mira's name was originally Mo. A friend of mine who happens to be an anime fanatic had dubbed her that because it apparently means "cute" in Japanese, but it didn't seem to fit even though I really liked the name itself. Another friend of mine suggested Mira; she was pregnant at the time and was considering the name for her own human baby, after the middle name of one of our mutual friends. That was perfect, unique just like she is, so it stuck.

Kipper's name came from the movie Napolean Dynamite, after the older brother Kip. Silly, I know, but years later it seems to fit better than any other name I could've come up with. Kipper is soooo much like his namesake it's insane.

Roxy was a fluke. I was trying to think of a name for her and happened to look over and see my favorite t-shirt which was made by the surf company Roxy. And there it was. I sometimes call her Roxanne though, and sing to her, "Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light". (Yes, I sing to my cats. For Kipper, I changed the lyrics to the T-Pain song "I'm In Love With a Stripper" to "I'm In Love With a Kipper" lol.)

Klein was named after the German word that means "small" because he was the runt and half the size of his brothers Kipper and Gary when we got them.

Gary was named by my younger sister after the snail on Spongebob.

Kiki never really had a name. So when we called her, we'd just say "Here, kitty, kitty". Say kitty kitty enough times and it begins to sound like Kiki. Simple enough.

Callie (originally Chloe) is called that because she's a calico. Again, an obvious choice.

The feral that fathered Mira's kittens I had officially named Leo because he reminded me of a lion, he was orange and had a very muscular build. But when I just had him and Mira, I constantly referred to him as Mira's "boyfriend" and it caught on, so everyone just called him Boyfriend instead of Leo.

Missy (originally Furby) just came to me, as well as the names for Mira's kittens, Simon, Penny and Daisy.
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Originally Posted by c1atsite View Post
I got the name "Penny" from a song my sister usedto sing to me when I was really really little (like 3 or 4, she was 11 or so)

I got the name "Daisy" from TV
Penny and Daisy...weird that I would post right after you!
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Cute thread!

Chloe - She reminded me of my cat Charlie, but I thought Charlize and Charlen were too big for such a tiny thing, and Chloe was such a sweet fit.

Kinko - He would never do anything unless his sister did it first so one day I said "You're such a copy cat!" Thus Kinko from Kinko's Copies.

Harley - Completely named himself, his purrs were so loud. Found out later that's what the pet rescue named him as well.

Sasha - This was a hard name, we wanted something sweet and short like Chloe but my husband said no "E" sound ending (so Kinko wouldn't be the only cat without one). I said she looked a bit like Shamu, which became Sasha.
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Villy - was already called Villy when she came to live with me

Roxy - I posted a photo of her on her when she was a kitten and asked people to suggest names for her!
The name really suited her, because she's slinky, she wiggles her butt when she walks so she's sexy like Roxy Haart from Chicago, also I like Roxy music and becasue she rocks - see! lol!
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I've always named my cats the first name that popped into my head when I looked at them.

Albert is my orange cat. It seemed like such a funny name for him when he found me as an 8 week old kitten, but now it fits him perfectly!

Cleo's mom looked like an Egyptian kitty; svelte, black and with green eyes. So, I called her Cleo, as an homage.

Charlie looked like a Charlie the second I met him. His foster had named him "Looker" (ugh), but it didn't fit him at all. It took me a day to realized I'd named my new baby Charlie Brown (our last name).

Ramsey looked like a Ramsey, for no reason other than that he just seemed like a Ramsey to me.
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This is fun!

Whimsey: I got my current soulmate from Town Cats in Morgan Hill. His original owner called him Joey which I thought was horrible. Then Town Cats renamed him Joe Gray after the detective cat in the books written by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. I couldn't stomach either name as he was a gorgous picture book classic silver tabby and certaily not gray. So I named him Whimsey after Lord Peter Whimsey, the hero in Dorothy L. Sayers detective novels. Besides Lord Peter's motto is, "As my whimsey takes me," which I thought perfect for a cat!

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Originally Posted by mira's_mommy View Post
Penny and Daisy...weird that I would post right after you!
Yes, that's a bit odd but cute. If you have pics of baby Penny and baby Daisy (and baby Simon) I`d luv to see , but I know you're busy (I read your posts about the electric cord cat and your other situations. and I wish you the best for all your situations)
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Berlin - as soon as I got her,I was thinking I wanted a German name.As I was going through German names,Berlin just stuck with me and so I ended up giving her the name.

Anja - again I wanted something German,but nothing seemed to fit this li'l one.I finally decided on Anja,because it is easy and suits her more then the other names I had chosen.
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When I first got Nora I had initially named her Hemi, which I thought my hubby would like b/c he's a Dodge Nut and had a hemi ram at the time. Turns out he wasn't a fan of that name, and I'm glad b/c it wouldn't have suited her. I started throwing names at him and one of the firsts was Nora. We both like Norah Jones and Nora seemed like sort of a prissy, pretentious name...and she is definitely both of those. lol She's our princess and her name fits her very well.
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We found little Gus when he was 10 days old the day Hurricane Gustav hit and when we were all admiring how tiny and cute he was I said we should call him Gustav, and just Gus for short. I never intended on keeping that name for him because I honestly never intended on keeping him (I'm in college and just wasn't sure if I wanted a kitten, or any baby animal for that matter.. and the week before I had just put my black lab, Lady, of 12 years down ). However, after seeing him scoot all around he just broke my heart with how cute he was. I couldn't give him up after that!

So now he's Gus most time.. Sometimes Gus-Monster (he's B-A-D sometimes!!!) and sometimes Gustopher James if we feel like making him sound a little more sophisticated lol
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Originally Posted by LSUguscat View Post
So now he's Gus most time.. Sometimes Gus-Monster (he's B-A-D sometimes!!!) and sometimes Gustopher James if we feel like making him sound a little more sophisticated lol
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I hope nobody will think I'm being a snob, but I don't want to tell the names of my cats!! Haha, I know it's silly, but I just hate when anyone copies off me. I've already had someone steal one of my cat's names. I go through a great deal of trouble to pick out the perfect name for my cat and then someone comes along and take it for their cat because "it sounds nice."
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Originally Posted by LSUguscat View Post
Gustopher James if we feel like making him sound a little more sophisticated lol
cute! the entire story is heartwarming.

Originally Posted by kara_leigh View Post
We both like Norah Jones and Nora seemed like sort of a prissy, pretentious name...and she is definitely both of those. lol She's our princess and her name fits her very well.
another musical Nora is Nora the piano cat (now famous thanks to the internet)

Now I'm very fond of the name Nora thanks to the piano cat. she rocks!
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Teddy is actually named after my grandfather. I got him when he was about 10 days old. He always slept so soundly that I was afraid that he had stopped breathing. It would take a lot to wake him up and then he'd be cranky and yell at me afterwords. Teddy also loved to eat.
I always got in trouble when I was little and accidentally woke up my grandfather from his naps. My grandfather was Italian and LOVED to eat. He had salt and pepper hair and green eyes. Teddy is black and white with green eyes. I was driving home from class one day when it all clicked. Everyone in my family loved the name since it was a fitting tribute to my grandfather. Although, I didn't count on the creepy factor. When my grandmother yells at Teddy the cat, she uses the same tone as she did with my grandfather. She even calls him, "THEODORE!" when he's especially bad.

Milo got his name from TCS! I really couldn't find a name that suited him so I asked for suggestions here. My sister and best friend really liked Milo, so that's what stuck.
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I named my kitten "Alley" because I literally found her in the alley behind my place one day.She was hiding in a shrub and mewing very sad. Alley the alley cat!

Everyone likes the name and the story behind it!
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