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Where did you get your cat's name?

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Well after watching the movie one of my boys is named after last night I got curious. How did you get your kitty's name? Is it after something or did it just seem to fit? So...? Let's have it!

Luke: Named from Cool Hand Luke
Harvey: Named from the James Stewart movie Harvey
Danny: I didn't name him. He was at the clinic where I work before I got there. But, his litter mate was a sandy colored female, aptly named Sandy. So Sandy and Danny (Grease).
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Hercules-cuz I LOVEE the Disney movie LOL
Gidget- My mom used to force me to watch those old movies and when I saw GiGi she was just so happy go lucky and "blonde" I named her Gidget
Fatman- Well thats pretty self explanatory LOL..Hes fat! His original name was Bubba but we didnt like that name so he is Fatman, Big Kahuna, or PorkChops
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Well this story is going to start 3 years ago when I had two little kittens I aptly named Kaos and Mischeif. Originally they were both girls but Mischief grew a pair... . I met DH, we moved in together I went home to get my cat Riki () to live out her last few months with me. (Riki was female but originally was my great aunt's cat, when she went to a home I offered to take in Riki. Apparently she had quite a few pets at one time or another, all named Riki).

As Kaos & Mischief grew they started fighting, ALLOT. Kaos was very laid back, relax little girl and mischief was, well... mischief . So we gave Kaos to some friend of ours that love her very much. We later renamed Mischeif "Buster" both for his attitude & arrested development.

Then Miss Kitty found us, she got her name because originally she was just "Hello little kitty" and "Here kitty, kitty". Well, it stuck. Although I steadfastly remain by my explanation that her name is "Miss Kitty" after the old west brother owner because she's a tough old girl with a heart of gold! .

We got Tasha from the OSCPA because hubby is "not a cat person" and had never had a kitten, so we went, he picked the loudest, cutest cat there. Her original name was Mia, hubby wanted to name her "Tashonda" after some chick from a movie, I refused, we settled on "Tasha" so I can pretend her name is "Natasha" and he can pretend it's "Tashonda".

Sadly a tom cat started coming around our house (whom hubby named "Whiskers" ) and started fighting with Buster. I used to let him out for an hour or two in the backyard while we were outside, but he ran off after Whiskers and didn't come back. Buster ran away for good after we caught him to take him for his rabies shot (he HATED being in the car). Later that winter he was hit by a car .

So when Hubby was working at a farm a week or two ago he noticed all the barn cats, came home & asked me if I maybe wanted another kitten (I was, and still am grieving for Buster, I just feel so guilty). Well apparently Peaches was born in the a Peach basket, so that was the name she came with; and it stuck.

That's my story.

Except our dogs. Madison was named after "Billy Madison" (more of hubby's stupid movies!!) and Kayla was named because her name was Kia and we didn't like it.

My horse is Meg because her breeder named her after her own mother (she had died the year Meg was born). I get allot of questions about that one! but it stuck, I couldn't rename her plus it's bad luck!
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Lucky because she was lucky I found her. She was only a few hours old when I found her on the lawn. I have no idea where she came from. Gus my daughter named him after the fat mouse on Cinderella
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Dusty, because though I thought she was a girl, I wasn't positive, and her coat was so dull and looked like she was rolling in the dirt and covered with dust. She had a hard life living on the streets for awhile before she adopted us.

Squeak, because she sounds like a squeaky toy when she meows. It's a funny sound, and she really doesn't fit a glamorous name.
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Let's see.

Sam: He was abandoned by one of the "neighbors" when they were evicted and he used to hang out outside our trailer with a cute little female and we nicknamed the pair of them Samson and Delilah. We decided to keep Sam when Animal control came through and started rounding up the cat's that they had abandoned, there were 6 total, four females and 2 males, We took Sam and another neighbor took the other male, he's still up there too.

Frodo: Yep named after the Tolkien character because on his back foot one toe has a ring of his color around it, so he's wearing the "One Ring"

Boots: Not too original, he's got all four feet white...so boots it was

and Sebastian: He's 11 and we just adopted him, he came with his name though most of the time we shorten it to just 'Bastian.
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Annie: She was 2 when I got her so I kept the name.
Onyx: The vet clinic I worked for had him abandoned and he had the name
Star: She has a little white star shape ontop of her head
Bella: Just something we threw out and decided to keep.
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Topaz got her name for her pale blue eyes.

Aristotle follows a tradtion of giving white cats "A" names.
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Stumpy: lost half of his tail before we rescued him
Eightball: black and white cat - DH named him and plays pool
Bob Marley: totally laid back and looks to be half stoned all the time
Pinky: he's a red tabby and I was on a roll with color names (his brother was Ruby)
Scarlett: still on a roll with the "color" names
Muddy Waters: his mama died when he was 10 days old and he had the blues
Koko Taylor: sister of Muddy - see his story
Spanky: he's a little rascal
Oscar: when I first saw him, all I could think of was an "O". His nickname is the Big O.
Lucky Pierre: he survived a tornado and FeLV by the time he was 4 weeks old, so he is lucky. The Pierre part of his name came from a bar in Wisconsin, known as Lucky Pierre's.
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Chynna: She is all white with green eyes and pink nose, and ears. I didn't want something cliche like "snowball" or "Snowy" etc. And I like names that are more human sounding than "cutesy". Her fur is so soft and silky that it felt like I was touching the smooth surface of Porcelain. But that sounded like a dumb name. So I thought "China" as in "dishes". But then figured people would think I named her after the country. So I set about playing with the spelling and came up with "Chynna". However, now people think I named her after that woman wrestler, even though my Chynna has been around much longer that that wrestler woman has been famous.

Abby: It's short for "Abigail", which is the name she was given by her previous Meowmy. Abby came to live with us when she was 4 months old. Because she had come to know that name for 4 months, I thought it wrong to change it. Also, she looks like an "Abby". She's my spoiled red head!
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When my mother told my niece that I was thinking about adopting a cat her first comment was "cool we can name him Chester".

I have no idea where she got that idea or why that name. Then when I did find a cat that I wanted to adopt his name was Sophie.

As they were loading him into the carrier I decided that his name would be Chester.
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babyKat - cause she was a baby cat when i got her
Spencer - since he just seemed like a Spencer-- very princely, and sounded nice with my last name - tracy.
Gracie - cause she was like Princess Grace.. so sweet and beautiful.
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my lots names were all thought up by me!! as i just wanted girly names for my little munchkins! glamorous was the best name i come up with, and it really suits her!
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Ophelia - We went round and round with names for our first kitten, who we rescued from between the walls of our apartment building. Couldn't decide on anything - she was Baby Kitty for a few days. Finally I just started throwing out females Shakespearean names, and Ophelia was the right name for her.

Trent - Named after Trent Reznor, because kitty Trent threw himself around with abandon the same way Trent Reznor did on stage. Since I was/am obsessed with Trent Reznor and NIN, it fit well. (It was between Trent & Rozz, because he's also whiny like Rozz Williams (in a good way).)

Ginger Cookie - She was named by her first foster family, who were actually TCS's own eilcon's (Eileen) cousin and family. The kids named her. Apparently each of the 3 kids picked a name, so she was actually Ginger Cookie Pillow. Eileen shortened it to Ginger Cookie when she fostered her, and while I convinced by husband that we should adopt her from 1000 miles away. I got a wonderful delivery from the Kitty Fairy, and Ginger Cookie fit her. Eileen said the kids thought it was really neat that I kept her name.

Mojo - She was named that when we adopted her. They thought she was a boy, and named her Mojo. I still maintain it was after the naughty villain monkey in Powerpuff Girls - Mojo Jojo. It fit. And boy that that cat know her name!

Annie - She came to the stat house at a rifle match where I was keeping stats, and the rifle range is in the middle of a National Forest (old Army range). The guys at the match helped me with her (one had cat food in his truck (no kidding, and wet food at that!), another gave me a box to transport her in, another gave me a shirt so the box would be comfortable), and since the match was the Anniversary Match I named her Annie for when she got herself rescued.
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When we initially adopted her(was my ex's idea), we had no idea what to call her. Because of her coat, names we(again, these were mainly his idea) came up with were: Pepe La Pew, Sylvester, Death(ugh, glad I didn't agree with this name), Black Metal, Killer Whale(to be abbreviated to KW, maybe?), masque...I know, none were really appealing, cute, or fits her image at all.

One night, while we were eating pizza, Ku Ku jumped up on a table & begged him to spear her a bite. Because I've told him never to feed her any human-food, he let her lick some crumbs & bits of cheese off from the wrapping paper instead. Maybe the cheese, she's gone nuts trying to lick off whatever was on the greasy paper. Eventually the paper got stuck on her face, he put his hand off as he no longer needed to hold it for her. As soon as he did, she somehow slid off from table with grease laden paper stuck on her face.
The paper turned almost transparent, we could see her whiskers spread all over across her face and her nose smeared with whatever left on the paper. She must have been focusing on licking so hard and nothing else.

Of course, she did not understand what had just happened, she looked around while the paper was still on her face, and freaked out because "the paper follows her around". It was hilarious. We cracked up so bad.
Then he talked to her, "Ok, cuckoo head, time to get rid off the paper from your face."

Ever since, he started to call her "cuckoo head", "cuckoo" and eventually "Ku Ku"(supposed to be spelled cuckoo but I dunno why he changed it).
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I liked the name Mozart but thought it too serious and I could hardly call a cat Wolfgang soo.. I chose Amadeus. I tried to think of some thing close to Amadeus for his sister. She was black and white like a piece of sheet music so she became Symphony !!

Nefertiti is incredibly beautiful. With such a refined face. Jet black from the tip of her whiskers to the tip of her tail. I named her Nefertiti after the beautiful egyptian queen. Supposedly in Egyptian Nefertiti translates to, the most beautiful one of all. (Though Symphony is also incredibly beautiful). So Nefertiti for a beautiful queen
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I only got to name one of my cats. BobCat is named after the man who rescued him from a feral colony he was feeding. Bickford, Fera and Chloe came to me already named so I gave them all middle names (as I did with Bob) after characters in Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies. Trust me the names fit!

BobCat Mitchell (Episode #512 "Mitchell")
Bickford Rowsdower (Episode #910 "Final Sacrifice")
Fera Greta (also "Mitchell")
Chloe Nastenka (Episode #813 "Jack Frost")
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We just named her Trout because she was cute like a Troutfish
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Fable - I liked the meaning plus I was a fan of the comic and the game.

Jupiter - Named after the Tori Amos song 'Hey Jupiter'.

Emily - I've always liked the name, the little girl from Bagpuss is called Emily, I love the Brontes and I shorten her name to Emmy which is the real name of Christine from Phantom (the film) - she is very pretty!

Meg - She came with the name 'Meg the peg' because she only has three legs, I like the name Meg because it's quite old fashioned like Emily and is a character in Little Women. I took 'the peg' part off though!
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Mulligan, He came with that name so me being Irish I had to keep it, besides I think its quite an unusual name for a cat, and he looks like a Mulligan... Also Mulligan in golf turns means "do over" so I guess he gets a "do over" with our family...
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My first two cats Molasses and Cinnamon kind of named themsleves. Cinnamon came from the old television show "Mission Impossible". When we first brought brother and sister home, they were 4 months old and very scared. Cinnamon was trying desparately to get behind my refrigerater and while she was frantically trying my husband was humming the "Mission Impossible Theme song" the only female in it was Cinnamon, Barbara Bain. My boy Molasses the same day jumped up on the counter top where he knocked over the syrup "molasses" onto the floor jumped down into it and proceeded to lean on Cinnie and both of them were covered with molasses. I was mopping up that kitchen floor for days.
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First off, I have a thing for K names, and names with meaning.

Kismet aka Kizzy: I was looking for something that meant lucky, as it took me over 6yrs to convince hubby to let me have a cat. Kismet means fate or destiny. Which indeed suits him as I firmly belief in fate, and that he was meant to be my kitty.

Kitchi: I posted pics on here, and described him.....Kitchi means brave, and indeed he is.

Kiwi: I was stuck for a name..... he's been here over a month, with no name... being referred to as NoName. Again, posted pics looking for suggestions as I couldn't find anything that fit. Kiwi was suggested and it fit
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My boyfriend and I adopted a pair of kittens (fraternal twins...lol) - we both agreed that we would each name one.

Red classic tabby - Nacho. I had a list of names to pick from and Nacho fit. He's orange which reminds me of the Nacho cheese that comes out of a can.

Silver broken mackerel tabby - Logan. We had just seen X-Men 4 before we adopted these guys, since he wanted a cool name for him, he chose Logan. Logan is Wolverine's first name.
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Shareena was named Glamorous when I got her. That kind of bugged me because I thought a name should be a noun, not an adjective. I was trying to think of a name for a goddess or queen, but the ones I like have been used so often they're almost cliche. I ended up with the name of a goddess from a fantasy novel (as yet unpublished) that I've written.

Miss Patchwillow was called Patch when I got her. I didn't think that was a very attractive name for a pretty girl kitty. One of the women from my writing group has a children's story (also unpublished) about a witch name Mz. Patchwillow--nice, but not too bright--so I borrowed that name. It fits her perfectly.

Iris started out as a brat. I thought if I gave her a sweet flower name it might influence her personality. NOT! She's still a brat, but a sweet brat.

Cali tried really hard to be a calico cat when she was first born, but didn't quite make it.
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Mistoflees (who passed over the rainbow bridge two weeks ago)
He was- as the poem said "Black from his ears to the tip of his tail"
And we all miss him

Sneaky Pie- Well, I had been reading all of the Rita Mae Brown books, and I just think Sneaky Pie is the "cat's meow" When my inlaws brought her to us, I thought she was going to be a grey tabby, just like what the REAL Sneaky Pie looks like. Nope. She's a toritishell tabby (sp) with white paws.

Over the years we've joked she needs to be re-named Pewter. Not only does she have Pewter's attitude, she's also as "round" as Pewter

If we ever get another kitty (and I'm sure we will, the girls want one) the name's probably going to be something from the Warriors series.
The girls like that series.

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Maia is the named after the Greek goddess Maia, goddess of spring and new birth, the month of May was named after her. SHe was born in March, but I adopted her in May, and she was my new beginning, and I hers!
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Sneakers- she came with the name, she has white "socks"

Roxy- Her breeder named her that. We were going to change her name but had trouble thinking of something good. Then my brother decided he wanted to called her Rorschach, and Roxy works also as a nickname for Rorschach so we just call her Roxy (we were thinking of going with Rory as a shortening of Rorschach but Roxy just kinda stuck.)

Church- named from a Stephen King book (or Winston Churchill). As a tiny kitten he liked to curl up on a Stephen King book so I decided to name him after a King character.

Spot- When I was bottlefeeding his litter I had to find feature to help me tell them apart since they were all some variety of brown tabby. Spot had a black dot on his nose.

Blaze- Same as Spot, except he had a white blaze on his face. It's also the name of a Stephen King book.

Mr. Grey- He was a runt and as a baby and looked like an alien with his huge eyes-- that type of alien is called a "grey" and Mr. Grey is also a character in a Stephen King book.

Harlequin- I was having trouble coming up with a name, and one day I noticed that her lips are one color on the left and another color on the right (pink/black) and her fur above her lips is also like that a bit, and it reminded me of a court jester or Harley Quinn from Batman. I call her Harley for short.
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We kept the names they came with from the shelter. They just seemed to fit. Except that Cindy's formal name is "Cynthia." We added Louise, so she's Cynthia Louise or Cindy Lou.
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Punkin -- He was orange, and we adopted him in October. What else could we name him.

Sterling -- The name he had in the shelter. And it describes his color, if not his character.

Ella -- Again, her name at the shelter. But she's from New Orleans, and a Katrina survivor, so I suspect she's named for Ms. Fitzgerald.
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Coco My sister named
Meeko I wanted something different.
Sasha I wanted a Russian name because she is half Russian Blue
Oreo Cookie Monster My brother called her Oreo and Cookie before I got her.
I added monster to it.
Cleo I had Cleopatra but needed a show name.
Nial/Kai Bengals suggested Cleopata Egyptian Queen and used that.
The new sphynx that is coming in October I have not named yet.
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