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newly introduced cats

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I know this is a fairly common topic, but I'd like some in put any way... I have two cats. Tess is 3.5 yrs and has been an only cat for a little over a year. Zoe is about 2 years and I have had her for just under 2 months. Between being spayed and having ear mites, zoe was closed off from tess for a totall of three weeks, 2 weeks intially then another week later. Lately (for about 2 weeks) they have been running all over the place. Tess (who weights twice as much as zoe) will sometimes just jump on her and will chase after zoe no matter what room they are in. But sometimes they will just sit quietly in the same room. So far no blood has been drawn and zoe always comes out from hiding. but there is a bit of hissing and occassional growls. How long should I expect this to last and what are some signs that this could be a serious problem rather than just territorial angst.
Thanks a lot!
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No blood no foul, it takes time for them to estblish their rank. How long depends on the cats but I think you are doing just fine. You'll see they will keep on improving !!!
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Mary Anne (Hissy) has written an excellent article on introducing a new cat to a resident cat. Please click here to read her advice. I think that if you follow her suggestions you can help calm some of the tension in your house.

Good luck!
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Sounds like things are going well to me!
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I have encountered the same situation in the past few weeks. More than 2 weeks ago, I brought GuaiGuai(4) home to join MowMow(2). I have had GuaiGuai for three years when I was living with my parents. MowMow belongs to my husband before we got married. At first, they hissed and growled. Now, MowMow would chase after GuaiGuai and jump on him daily. But there is no more hissing and growling. I guess they are just playing "fight," since MowMow is quite a playful cat then GuaiGuai.

During the first few days when they were hissing and growling, I rubbed some pure vanilla extra on their nose and tail, and the noises stopped. Now I have Feliway at home, since yesterday. Perhaps you can give these a try.

Good luck!
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