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Good Vets?

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I recently moved to the Detroit MI area and I'm on the lookout for a new vet to get acquainted with, preferably before something happens where a vet trip is needed.

Plus, just before I moved I was getting Bean Bean's paperwork together and I was distressed to find out that he'd never been vaccinated for Rabies!!

I know it's my fault for not making sure, I mean I've had him for a year now, but I really thought that the humane society was supposed to have them vaccinated before they adopted them out!!!

I know he had a slight URI when I adopted him but I don't see why that would affect any rounds of shots he should have been given, and even if it did, why wouldn't they have told me?

I know I'm not a big believer in most vaccinations, but the Rabies vaccine ranks pretty high up there on the list of things I require for my cats.

So anyways.... Does anyone live in or around the Detroit area that would know of any good vets that they take their babies to?
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Sorry, I don't know much about vets in Detroit...I just wated to say that most animal shelters do not give rabies vaccines, because they have to be in YOUR name to be legally recognized. I don't know of any shelters that give rabies vaccines.

If it's just for the shot, sometimes shelters or feed stores will have low-cost vaccination clinics. Calling the shelters in your area might be helpful. Otherwise, ask your friends/co-workers/acquaintances for recommendations. Word-of-mouth is usually best.
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