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G-cat puked in her bed- twice

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Genever needs to take 1/4 of a 10mg Pepcid every day because she does puke kind of a lot even for a cat otherwise. Still she pukes maybe once a week or less. But this now is 2 days in a row! And she's never puked in her bed before, that's probably what's making me paranoid the most.

I noticed a tapeworm piece by her butt Monday night, and picked up a topical dewormer Profender from the vet on Tuesday. I applied it to the back of the head/neck like you do with Advantage on Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday night around 2:30AM I wake up to the sound of puking. Ick. Not wanting to step on it at some point, I turned the light on the see where it is and clean it up, I'm not seeing it, I put on my glasses, still don't see it, then look in her bed where she is sitting, and that's where it is. Aww, my baby has a bad tummy. So i cleaned it up, got a new towel and put the pukey one in the washer.

Last night/this morning around 4AM I wake up to puking AGAIN. And I hear scratching. So I turned on the light and see she's scratching in her bed so I look, and there's puke in there again. It's like she was trying to cover it up, the poor girl! What the heck??

I just called the vet to see if it could be the medicine, or even if she licked some off of her and it made her sick, the lady didn't think that was it but has a note in to the vet about it. She also thought it's weird that she'd puke in her bed. She's got her yearly checkup appt. in 2 weeks anyway, but I feel concerned enough that i had to call today.

Any vibes for a calm tummy would be appreciated!! Thanks!
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Awwww, poor G Cat. I can't help but wonder if its in relation to the meds.....

Hope her wee tummy calms down soon.

Have you tried a probiotic with her? Like holistic solutions?
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Of course I missed the call when the vet called back.. But in her message she said cats pretty much only vomit immediately after they might lick off some of the medication, so she doesn't think puking 2 nights in a row is related. If she keeps it up I should bring her in, otherwise I'll just bring her in 2 weeks for her scheduled appointment.

I have tried a probiotic before mostly to try to um, make her less stinky, but that was when she had Giardia but before i knew she had it, and so it obviously wasn't helping any. I can't recall if it seemed to help with vomiting, but I might try it again. Good idea, thanks!
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