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Scenic Lookout pics

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The last couple times we've gone to the beach, on the way I've noticed a sign pointing to a "scenic lookout"

Yesterday we stopped

It's a water resevoir, and indeed quite pretty IMO.
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Nice pics, thanks for sharing! It does look like a very quiet, peaceful, and beautiful area. I like to make little stops like that on trips too sometimes, just to see the scenery..
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I really like that sepia image
And good for you for tracking down what was indeed, a scenic lookout!
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Thanks. It was indeed very tranquil....and we would have stayed longer if it wasn't for my sunburn hurting

Ah well, now that I know where it is, we will certainly go again.... (picnic lunch or something on the way to the beach)
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Oh that is beautiful and does look so tranquil! It is one of those "stop to smell the roses" moments. Looks like a great place for a picnic!
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There's so much natural beauty around, more people need to "stop and smell the roses". Heck, I'd love to travel around for more scenic outlooks, as this was indeed beautiful, peaceful, and when down by the water you couldn't even hear the traffic
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How pretty!
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