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Pregnant Kitty

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I saw and read the information about unapropriate pooping, and have tried several of the ideas mentioned there.

I thought maybe if I supplied more detail into the whole situation, someone would have experience with the particular case or something similar.

My cat is about a year old, she was born and raised in an appartment that had 2 big dogs, and 2 other older female cats. She quickly became the "alpha" cat if you will, and got along very well with the dogs. Out of me and my two roomates, I was the only one who take care of her, or showed her any form of attention/affection, and she therefore became mine.

I recently moved into a new appartment with my girlfriend, and no other animals. I brought her over, and she quickly ran into my office and refuses to leave except to eat. I moved her food and water to the kitchen so she would be forced to explore a little... I'm gradually moving them further and further. The litter box (covered, exactly like she's used to) is in the office. She won't use it, and makes her way into my bedroom for her bathroom urges... the only time she ever goes in there I might add. I tried moving the box so it faced a wall for more privacy, and moved it to the bedroom. Doesn't work.

Although I'm still not 100% sure, I believe she's pregnant. I've always been very careful and she never went outside. One afternoon as I was out getting groceries, a stray male managed to claw it's way into my bedroom through the screen and when I came back I found it laying next to my cat. I chased it out, and thought maybe it was ok because for the three following days she was still in heat. She hasn't been in heat since, and her nipples are bigger and pinker.

Is there anything I'm overlooking? Any help is appreciated!

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She sounds stressed to me, and even perhaps missing the dogs and cats she grew up with. Add to that if an intact male got in the house and took her, that could really add to her stress.

I would take her to the vet, sometimes when cats are so stressed out they cause their own sickness. Her not using her litter pan could be a cry for help on her behalf. I would not ignore that if it were me. If she checks out health-wise fine, then I would start trying to reduce her stress in little ways and let her adjust to her new world. Cats really do not like changes very much.
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I agree 100% with Hissy (as usual!). Until things calm down, you might find that she is more comfortable for now, being isolated in one room. So, letting her stay in the office with the door closed (with food, water, and litter box) until she is more comfortable and healthy might be a good thing to try.

I would also advise for now, to remove the cover on the litter box. It is real likely that she is not using the box because she can't see what is going on around her while she is in there. Not being able to see makes her feel vulnerable, so she choses to go where she can see what is going on AND so she can make an easy escape if necessary.

I think you will find that temporarily confining her will ease some stress and removing the cover on the box will make her more comfortable with using the box. But, please have her checked by the vet to ensure that she is okay physically.
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Alright, thanks... I'll try taking off the cover and keeping the food in the room with her. I'm kinda worried right now, she hasn't peed in 2 full days. She only comes out when I'm here... and sometimes will follow me halfway into the hallway, but runs back the minute she hears anything.

I work ALL the time... I have to take some time off to get her to the vet. I'd have my girlfriend take her but skitz won't go anywhere near anyone but me =/ I don't wanna add to the stress.

Another thing, if she's pregnant... would it be a good idea to move some things out of the way under my desk in the corner where she sleeps and maybe add a lil blanket or something down there? Don't cats usually prepare in advance before giving birth? And since she's still young and it will be her first litter, is there anything *I* need to do to ensure it goes smoothly for her?

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Welp, I found piss... not in the litter, but at least she isn't sick! She's also begun roaming around on her own today, and has actually progressed quite smoothly, even letting my girlfriend pet her.

I uncovered the litter box and she scratched around in it. I went to check if she had actually used it, and in doing so smoothed all the litter back into place. She went in 5 minutes later and dug around again... I take that as a good sign.

On to the pregnancy issue...

Thanks again for the help!

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Any time I think a cat is pregnant, I take her to the vet for a check up and even an ultra sound. That way you can get an idea of when the kittens are going to arrive, and plan accordingly.
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Check out the other threads about pregnant cats. There are a few right now dealing with this issue! There is a ton of info here. Also go to the home page of this site and check out the health and other topics at the top of the page! You will gain a lot of knoledge from those few pages!
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