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What is your Favorite Kitty Position? (Pics welcome too! :) )

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My favorite kitty position is the "Meat Loaf" or "Kitty Loaf" position. Second favorite is when she sits on her belly with arms extended in front and cross at the paws like a little lady...

What are your favorite kitty positions? I know some of your babies are quite the kitty contortionists!
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I havn't managed to get a picture of it yet but Peaches SPRAWLS out in the middle of our dinning room floor like the dogs. It's absolutely hilarious to see the three of them dead in the middle of the house I've never seen a cat so comfortable in a new home before!
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^^He looks so little all squished up but hes not little hes atleast 3 times bigger than my mini doxie

^^The sprawl...Now its her fav spot and she litterally just hangs off the back of the couch sprawled out!
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Oh I forgot about this one! This was Peaches a couple days after we got her, on the top of the cat tree. She really settled right in!!

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Here's Maggie. Not usually like this, usually she's sprawled out on my floor in my room or on my bed. Or curled up under my mom's bed.

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My younger cat will lie on top of my clothes hanger (the thing you use to hang clothes to dry) and he'll lie on his tummy and rest his head in between the rods. I don't know how that's comfortable. My older cat will curl up so his front and hind legs are stretched out but crossed. But the best position is them on me. It rarely happens but I love it when they're lying on me.
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Here are 2 of my favorite cat positions I've managed to photograph...

I don't see how this could be comfortable...
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I have a couple of favs but i think this is the best one !!...
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I enjoy the all stretched out kitty too
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These are some of my favorites

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Dolce' stretched out

Dolce' chillin in my

It's too noisy in here!!

I'm mean and afraid!!

enjoying the sun

Okay I have like a million more....Dolce' likes the camera the best though
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