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Suggestions for play pen?

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I thought since you guys know alot... when Suma's kittens are a little older and start coming out of the birthing box I know they like to play and run around. Right now we have them in the garage and keep the garage door up about 1 to 1 1/2 inches. I am afraid they will get out. Is there something to make like a play pen to keep them rounded up in? It is hot in the garage, so we like some air to get in along with a big fan blowing air out. They aren't even a week yet, but when does this start to happen.. that they are up and getting out of the box?

Also, when do eyes start to open? I have one I can see in the box with one eye open and one still closed. They were born on Sunday.

Thanks all... off to work.
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Kittens cannot regulate their body temperature for several weeks so putting in a fan is not a good idea (should not be too hot or too cold). Any reason mom and kittens cannot be inside the house?

And they won't try to climb out or move very much till around 3-4 weeks old. Eyes open from 5-14 days old.

Most kittens would get out of an open topped play pen (like you would use for puppies). If you need a pen, it has to be a very large kennel or wire cage that is completely enclosed.
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The garage is like 88 degrees and humid, and with the fan, it is like 12 feet away blowing the air towards the garage doors. It is not directly on them or near the box that is enclosed with a terry towel in it. It is more for mom's sake.

I have 2 cats inside that are 13 and 16 pounds. One is a female and one is male. The male is NOT happy, but the female wants to see, but the female outside growls because of the babies.

My dad suggested making something with wee little wire, but he said they would probably climb too, unless we put something over it to keep them in. So far, I think I have 4 kittens adopted out, and mom is going to the lady behind me in a wheel chair after I have her spayd. All will be indoor cats at that point. If you want to see them, it is pictures under Suma's Litter. Thanks for the info.
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Could you get or borrow a large dog crate to keep them in?
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Puppy pens or great, or you could just get a plastic wading pool .
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What a good suggestion the wading pool. They are now on sale too because summer is about over! Thanks for the suggestions.. keep them coming just in case!
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Just so you know the wading pool probably wont last long. My babies were in an outdoor enclosure, a dog cage with an extension, on our front porch. So once they started to leave the birthing box, not until about 3.5 weeks, I started giving access to the front porch. I made a cardboard gate with wooden supports across where the steps were, about 16 inches high and it contained them until 6-7 weeks, although if I stayed with them they didn't try and go over it. Good luck, I was so anxious for them to leave the birthing box and then by 6 weeks would have done anything to have them back in it.

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I used an actual pet playpen for the litter I rescued last year - In fact I just caught a stray and her 5 kittens and have them in it in the basement right now. If you search on ebay for a "pet exercise playpen" a bunch will come up. They zipper on the top and 2 sides so you have easy access but no one can escape.
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I was thinking a pool that was like steel that you roll out (if they even make them anymore). Not putting a liner in it, maybe a piece of carpet remement? Just like little kids, can't wait till they talk and walk and then look out!

Well they won't be 1 week old till Sunday.. so I will start looking in that direction though.
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The exercise play pen is really neat too!!! Thanks for all the suggestions! I knew you guys could pull thru for me!
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