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Is Bonnie ever going to grow? She hasn’t grown since she was 6 months.

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Bonnie is almost 1.5 years, but she hasn’t grown since we got her at 6 months. Is this normal? She is so tiny, she still looks like a kitten.

We have taken her to the vet, she is in bad form. Not only does she have Gingivitis, she is missing a lot of teeth, half of the ones she does have are cracked. She has Chronic Rhinitis so her eyes and nose run everyday. She’s always sneezing, wheezing, as I said in one post my boyfriend and I laugh at night because we always know when she enters the bedroom, it sounds like a little Gremlin is invading our room. But, in all of her health problems she looks great! She’s happy, she’s a great weight now, her eyes are clear even when they are leaky, her fur is right out of a Pantene ProV commercial, its super shiny, think, soft and silky. She is so loving, she is overall a very happy girl.

I was just wondering if anyone else has a super small cat? (I’m really not sure of her weight, but she is typical size of a 6 month old). Did it cause problems when they grew up? I’m assuming it was because her Mom, and herself were malnourished up until I adopted her. Was there anything you did to help problems they may get when they are older? Is this normal? I know a lot of you save cats on a regular basis, anyone seen this type of thing?

Thanks guys!
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I would say it's probably because of malnutrition that she is so small, however, the feral cats in my area seem to generally be quite a bit smaller then the average house cat. From one farm to another you might see cats who are either main coon size, or tiny cats who all look like they are 6 months old but obviously full grown.

I can tell you we think our Miss Kitty was 2 or 3 when she found us and she did fill out quite a bit in the 2 years we've had her since. Even grew a little length and height (and certainly width!).
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LOL, so Miss Kitty was super small too? To give you an example, Bugsy is 9 pounds, Bonnie is a lot smaller so she must be around 6ish pounds. My Capone is like 20 pounds LOL he smooshes them all the time in play, especially Bonnie.

Ok as long as she fills out. I am not sure if her smallness is going to cause problems when she is older. Is really nice to have a cat that will always be a kitten, she is super cute, i just want to be able to catch things when she is younger.
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I'm sure you've had her checked for FeLv, what about herpes? Maybe there's something else underlying that needs to be checked out?

But at over a year old for a moggie, she's definitely at her full size now. As long as she's healthy, that's all that matters.

I've notice kittens out of ferals and neglected kittens being smaller cats, too, and usually the females. Often the kittens are out of a mother cat that was little more than a kitten herself.

I have a little female who had a home as a kitten (someone tamed and spayed her young) and is a little cat. Not as small as your Bonnie, though.
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yes Miss Kitty WAS on the small side, normal for a feral cat in the area - Not any more! she is now a decent size house-cat I was looking over pictures of her over this winter, man did she get fat when she wasn't going outside!!

I doubt it would ever be an issue for her. Tasha has a SUPER long tail for no reason other then it's who she is ; and we're pretty sure Peaches is always going to have big ears (although hopefully she'll grow into the lion paws!).
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My Biscotte is very small - most people think she is 6 months old when she is now almost three years. But she is healthy and happy, and I am not worried about her size.
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Sophie, our 10 year old Oriental Shorthair, is pretty small. She's 4.8 pounds right now, we're trying get her back up to 6-7 pounds, but she's been having some issues lately. She looks like a fragile 6 month old, and that's as big as she ever got. Bonnie may get a bit bigger as more time goes by, but that's probably as big she's going to get. As long as she's happy and healthy, I don't see any problems with it. It may cause some issues when she gets into her senior years, however. Sophie started to go downhill in health when she reached 9 years old.
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My Dusty will be 2 in December and she is a small cat. Her sister from the same litter is much bigger than her. I think she was the runt but she is such a love.
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I once had a calico named Roxy and she was always very small, up until my parents took her in. She has now almost doubled in size. She was around 2 years old when this happened, but I don't know if it was the age or something to do with her new environment...I also had 2 part feral brothers that started out I'd say abnormally small and blew up at about 3 years old, they are now about 10 lbs each and NOT overweight at all, the biggest cats I've ever owned (also my sister has the third brother from that litter and he is pushing 20 pounds, and is only slightly overweight). I'd say that all your kitty's health problems may be to blame for her size, but if you got her healthy she might grow. Otherwise I would just wait it out...I thought mine would never get any bigger until one day BOOM!
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