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Daily Thread Thursday August 20th

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Wooooweeee, almost Friday!

Tonight, not much going on. Watching big brother and selling some of my wedding items to another bride.

Tomorrow we are going to red lobster though, and Saturday to the spa! All with gift certificates too I love free stuff!

Trout is out of her shell now. Walking around like she owns the place as per the usual

I am off to the showers soon! Have a good day folks!
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I did not sleep well last night....combo of reasons, sunburn and kitties. (and no, the kitties did not touch my sunburn...they are two different reasons)

Nothing planned today.... Kendra's leaving this afternoon, and I did promise to go rent a movie with Kayleigh

That's bout it.

I'm sorer than my usual because of the added physical activity yesterday, but it was worth it

Today is a Chillaxin' day.
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I leave the office for the day in just over an hour Housework when i get in though all ready for the start of the weekend

Hair salon on saturday, lattes at Pret with my sister, then some retail therapy
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I have the rest of the week off! I slept in this morning. It felt soo good. A doctor and an orthodontist appointment that I gotta leave for soon, then grocery shopping. Making a rhubarb dessert to bring to FH's aunt's house tomorrow.

Doing some cleaning when I get home, maybe a workout. I have been slacking lately.

Have a good day!
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I'm off to work in a bit. It's a pretty normal day - nothing major planned.

We woke up to a gift this morning...apparently our toothless cat caught a mouse for us last night, despite being toothless. He was looking pretty proud of himself this morning.

So, work, gym and home tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I have the day off, but it's really more of an errand day. I need to buy some groceries and visit the pet store. I also need to run by the University and clear out my cubicle, so I'll probably do that later this afternoon. I'll probably do some cleaning around the apartment and clean out the cat boxes as well. I need to have some maintenance done on the car and that's probably the one thing that I'm dreading the most. I need to get a brake job, the transmission fluid and filter changed, oil change, and tire rotation. I mostly just need to find a place to do all that that isn't outrageously expensive (like my dealer). I don't know if I'll have the work done today or if I'll just set up an appointment for another day.
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No sleep because of Midnight as usual. Will pass out pretty soon though. I have my guitar lesson at 12. Need to do dishes and laundry and clean the pet room. Dinner with bf and his friend tonight.
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Morning folks!
Today is cleaning day. The in laws are coming down on Saturday and today Mom's off to help clean. Oh I am behind on the laundry too. I hope to sneak out to Rite Aid for 8 free candy bars and Mom's birthday card Then tonight is Big Brother would should be thrilling. Tomorrow night is KMART, our last trip.
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Rainy grey start to the day today, I actually slept past the sunrise for once, mostly because it still looked dark out!
Not much planned for today, went food shopping yesterday so I would like to cook something up, no idea what yet, and the humidity is just nasty bad so this idea may be scrapped. It is cool outside, but just nasty yuck. Pain index level is at extreme for my area according to the weather channel, but my sore knees, elbows and wrists already told me that.
I have been interested in learning sign language, so I may take to today to browse around online and see what is out there for free to get me started on that (I am a goofy person, humid day? Cook! Sore wrists and fingers , well, gotta sign!)
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Cool day here with thunderstorms predicted. Not fun for working in.
I'm just laughing at Pushkin as he sits on the windowsill chirping back at the birds at the feeder.
Had a nice cuddle with Wiggies until I scared him off by sneezing.
Have a good day everyone!
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Hello All!!

Haen't been posting much as I've been getting ready for my first ever garage/craft sale this Saturday!!
Plus I hurt my knee last week and I need to keep it propped up and iced which is hard to do while using desktop.

Its currently misting lightly outside so I better bring umbrella!!
Next week I start 4 days/week at my still part time job being hours up to around 25/week. Landscaping has been really slow-had a 4 hr gig last week doing some pruning.
I however refused to "top" or chop down some arbor vitae shrbs from 10 feet to 4 ft for this customer and didn't chop "enough" off some others. Sometimes one has to do whats right for the plant and not what the customer wants!!

Off to work in a bit then maybe a client stop after but most likely tomorrow as I need to get change for Saturday and some signs as well.

The kitties have been good as possible well except Bender will waking us up to play in the middle of the night!!

Have a good one................................
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Ever since we got into Michigan last Friday I've been busy so I was hoping today could be a rest day but apparently Cody is wanting to go work more on his Jeep.

We need to figure out why the brake on the left front seems to be sticking closed.

Which means for me, more running around in the car and chasing down parts, then a long boring time sitting outside with Cody while he works on his truck.

I hope we go out for a yummy breakfast at least!
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Morning All!!!

Hot and very humid here today, rained most of the night so there is standing water all over the place adding to the sauna like feel.

I spent most of the morning on the phone, apparently one of the forms I was to fill out for school wasn't done correctly. Now I have to scramble to get it redone before my semester starts in a couple weeks. My question is why did it take them so long to notice..

Oh well what can you do.

Nothing at all planned for today, my knee is acting up so guess I will just putter around the house today.

The kitties of course are napping as they usually do when it's hot.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning... June gloom out there again today, I really hate it. Never rains, just cloudy til about noon.

BF is on his way back from Texas today, he should be home by around 2! Yay! I missed him. So did Genever, she loves her daddy. Even though she gets annoyed when he tried to snuggle her too much. Too cute!

Hmm... just work today, probably going out tonight with the LB Hopheads.. I can't wait for the weekend, I'm in the mood to be lazy. Did lots of cleaning this week so I think I can get away with no chores.

Have a good day people! Feel better to those who are hurting today!
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Afternoon everybody. HOT!HOT!HOT! here. We get supper made for us because our cook comes today and I have my club meeting tonight. We're having someone from the Fire Department coming to talk to us about safety.
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