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There are so many threads here and I am not sure if you posted one but....

How did the surgery go???? How are you feeling? Will you get results soon? Or did you get them??

Lots of questions, I know. Sorry...

Just wanted to know and to let you know I'm thinking about you.

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Thanks hon! Surgery went fine, but the recover was so-so. I ended up getting a nasty infection in the stiches area of the belly button and it was very gross and very sore. I had to have the stiches removed as I was having an allergetic reaction to them. Now that they are gone I am healing much better. I still have some pain (and bruising) but I am fine. I have an appointment on July 10th to discuss the surgery and the results, so I will let you know everything at that time.

Thanks for caring!
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Oh gosh..... the same thing happened to me when I had my gall bladder surgery. It was awful and took forever to heal. Glad the healing has improved.

Will keep thinking positive thoughts for you from now till July 10thand keep my fingers crossed that the results are good.
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Well - I thought that I would post an update. I went to get the results of the laparoscopy yesterday. My left fallopian tude is totally blocked and that is what is causing most of our conception problems. I have been referred to a fertility specialist. The eariliest appoint I could gt was at the end of Sept. I am scheduled for a consultation and then John and I will have to make some decisions based on the info he gives me!
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I just want to let you know Adrienne,,My sil has had 3 kids and only has 1 tube...one of her tubes ruptured due to a eptopic pregnancy..this is when the baby plants itself inside the tube instead of the uterus ....she had a very small chance of conceiving, but her prayers were answered...she has 3 beautiful children now...so I will be praying for you!
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You have my blessings

Good Luck!

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You have my prayers and good luck vibes and everything. You deserve to have as many babies as you want, you will be a very wonderful mother.
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Reading your story I wish you well
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Ady... I will keep sending positive vibes your way!

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Ady - in a way, I'm quite glad that they found something. When I had a hysterosalpingogram (are you impressed?!?!?!), they tested for the patentcy (openess) of the tubes, and found them clear. This was even worse as there seemed no explanation for my lack of fertility.

However, like Cathy's sister, I too had a tube removed following an ectopic pregnancy, and had basically called it a day on even thinking about conceiving coz everywhere I read that it reduced fertility by about 40% with only having one tube, when bingo - it happened!!!!!

So you see, if it happened to me I'm so sure in time it'll happen for you too . . . just relax, don't get screwed up about it, but at the same time see what the doctors say. Have they put you on Clomiphene yet? That is a fertility drug that stimulates egg production, and doesn't involve any invasive IVF or suchlike.

As ever I'm thinking of you and hoping your dream comes true soon.

Loads of love
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There was an article, in Sunday's Parade Magazine. It noted that a lot of couples are passing on the fertility drugs, due to the increased chances of high-risk multiple births. It advised that the IVF was safer, all around: no drug side effects and a manageable number of embryos.

Human beings were not meant to have litters of kids. For a while, it seemed that a lot of couples and doctors were supporting drug-assisted mega-multiples because they could.

Good luck, with your attempts but, bear in mind the effects on your own health and that of any child(ren), that you may conceive.
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Cindy - just to check if your multiple birth comment is a direct reference to Clomiphene, coz I did querry that quite extensively at the time - not wishing to as you call it so well 'produce a litter'.

It seems with this drug there is a slight increase in multiple births but only a slightly greater chance of twins, triplets being quite rare.

Quoted from www.womens-health.co.uk, "A further side effect of the treatment is the possibility of twins (or rarely even more). This occurs in probably about 5% of pregnancies (1 in 20 women conceiving on clomiphene)".

There are some real heavyweight potent drugs on the market for fertility, however Clomiphene is the 'first line of approach' drug and as such does not present too much of a multiple birth problem. There was a women in the UK who was carrying EIGHT babies after a course of IVF, and refused to abort any, and ended up losing them all. But that's a different topic and as it made me incredibly angry at the time I'll stay well away from that . . .
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Thanks for the support everyone! I have been on that drug for the past 9 months, but can't take it any longer. You are only supposed to take it for a limited period as it could possible cause cervical cancer latter in life. I won't stress out about what is happening - I have no control over it. I am learning to just let it go. I won't even try to think of it between now and my appointment on September 25.
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Ady, somehow I didn't realize you were having surgery . I'm sorry to hear of the infection & bruising, but I'm so glad you got some answers!!!!!!! Now you can take the steps you need to.

I'll keep you in my prayers, and I agree with Yola - hope all your dreams come true!!!!!!!

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