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Mr. Mistoflees

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Goodbye Mr. Mistoflees.

You've been a wonderful kitty.

We knew you were the one when we saw you in the shelter watching a fly. You kept me company through my 1st med deployment.

You "put up" with 2 small children. I still remember you leaping over the gate as one of the girls when they were small would say "kitty". You loved the girl's cereal, I'd leave it on the high chair while taking the baby out and then I'd hear the "clink, clink" I know, some people would think it was gross- but the kids were done with it.

Then you put up with Sneaky. She came into the house when you were 9. She thought you were "mama" and tried to nurse on you Over the years you have come to accept her. You'd even share the blue bed with her.

As you grew older- you slowed down. You'd sleep on your "dirt spot" by the window. Later, you wouldn't even flinch as a bird landed less than 5 feet away.

I had a feeling you had problems. I'm sorry if we didn't take you to the vet- to see if there was anything wrong. But at this point, you were going on 17 years old, and I knew if it was your time- it was your time.

And you will be missed. Sneaky walks around the house looking for you. The teenage girls miss you. We may get another animal- but it will never "replace" you.
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I am sorry for your loss.
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RIP, Mr. Mistoflees.
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I'm so sorry for Your loss. Rest in Peace Mr. Mistoflees.
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Condolences to your entire family on losing a treasured member Play happily over RB, Mr. M., and send over some new kittens to care for your teen girls
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Poor baby, i hope he didn't suffer

Mr Mistoflees

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You have just described life here as my kids grew up with Annie, who died two years ago. You reminded me of some warm memories.

I am so sorry for your loss.
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my condolences...
RIP to your kitty...
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Thank you for your support.
He was really one of the nicest kitties we've ever had (and we've had 4) and also one of the longest living ones (17).

It's hard letting go, but I have had a feeling for a while he wasn't going to be with us much longer. Doesn't make it any easier, but knowing that he had a full life- considering he was found wandering the Dismal Swamp before we adopted him, makes me feel better.

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I am so sorry for your loss. My Ryan will look after Mr. Mistoflees.

RIP Mr. Mistoflees
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