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Black Tabby?

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My new little Squeak is a DSH black tabby. She looks pure black and shiny, but if you look really close you can see the familiar tabby markings on her coat. She is about 3 mo. old now. Will the tabby marks become more visible as she grows up? Will she change color? I don't believe I've ever seen a black tabby before. Is this an unusual combination?

There are pics of her in the Fur Pictures forum from a week or so ago. I can post more later, but I'm not at my computer now.
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She may be a black cat with "ghost" tabby markings. They usually fade as the kitten grows, although I had one who kept her ghost markings for her entire 17 years of life. They never changed.
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Many say all cats are genetically tabby, which gets masked by other colours.

It's not uncommon for 'solid' cats to have ghost tabby markings.
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When the sun shines on Jupey you can see his tabby stripes, he can look very dark brown. He is a black cat though, with the odd white hair and a white tuft on his belly.
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