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Dick Van Pattons's Natural Balance

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Has anyone used this food?
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I use it and the cats love it. Probably one of the best you can get for the price, and it is more available than other foods.
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Yes, my three are currently on the Green Pea & Chicken formula. They like it and seem to be doing fine on it, although I don't feed it as a main staple, so I can't give it all the credit.
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I use the Venison and Green pea, and my kitties love it; it is part of their LID (Limited ingredient diet). There is a new one out, Salmon and green pea, but my kitties hated it...
They seem to like Green pea and duck as well.
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I just switched my guys to the green pea and chicken, they are doing well on it so far.
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yes. my crew enjoy the tuna and shrimp, turkey and giblets, chicken and liver.
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Only use the canned foods - chicken or venison
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periodically will use a few on the non limited ingrediant cans
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yes, use the dry for "treats" to our inside cats,

we also provide this food for the "semi-ferals and stray" we care for outside

they all get a premium (not Natural Balance) canned food - the cats didn't like the Natural Balance flavors available at PetLuv - except for the fish stuff - and I don't feed my cats any fish)

Natural Balance also has a discount - I save the UPC codes on the package - for every 10 bags I purchase I get a free bag

the ferals and stray - I try to feed them the best we can afford trying to keep them healthy, too
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