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Don't wanna....

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I just saw my family doctor this morning about a varicose vein I have on my inner thigh and lower leg , thats been hurting a lot lately. It developed when I was pregnant with my son, and has been getting worse in the last few months. I have to take advil a lot of days to get through my shifts at work, where I'm on my feet for at least 8 hours a day.

She's sending me to a specialist to schedual 'sclerotherapy', in other words they are either going to inject the vein with a saline solution to collapse it or they will remove it. I spoke to a lady at my work who had the injection done and she says its painful

I don't want to have it done, but theres a high risk of blood clots since the vein walls rupture from time to time, causing bruises. Has anyone here had this done? I need to set my mind at ease a little, and convince myself its worth it.
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I have never had this done, but I'm sending calming vibes to help ease your fear! It will be allright. I know it can't be as bad as childbirth! If you survived that you can handle this too.
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I understand that it's painful too, but you really should get it done because not only could the varicose vein kill you, but any pain or anything associated with it will go away. One if my boss' wives got it done and she raved about it.
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Better to get rid of it. My mom has had varicose veins, since 1962. She got them, when pregnant, with baby #3. In '72, she had the ones in her left leg "stripped". This caused a lot of problems.

I've heard about acid injections, for varicose veins and it seems to be better than surgery.
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Please have the procedure done. If you worry about pain, talk to your doctor who might give you a local freeze or something to ease your pain. Also, don't believe what other people tell you about the procedure since everyone's pain endurance is different!!

Good luck to you!
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both of my parents had this done when I was like 14 and I went with both of them. By now I'm sure they have perfected the procedure even more, but even back then it seemed really easy with not TOO much discomfort. They did have to use a treadmill pretty often for recovery, and now and then wear these thick panty hose type things to increase circulation, but all in all it seemed not that bad. I think it is pretty common and I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.. Good luck (and if you've been thru labor you'll probably go thru this without blinking an eye)
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Thanks- I feel a little better now

I don't think I'm a candidate for the injection because the vein in question is the largest vein in the body- it runs from the inner thigh to the ankle and has lots of smaller veins branching out from it. I will undoubtedly be getting surgery.

For now, I'm on celebrex for swelling and pain. It seems to be helping...
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There is a lady I work with, who had some of the spider veins injected with the saline, and she said it barely hurt... But, if yours are varicose, I dont know ... I am sure they could numb the area for you.
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