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Cat Shows

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I couldnt find any other forum to post this.

I have a 5 month old kitten and decided to enter him in a local HHP cat show. It's been years since I have done this, my mother used to take me with her when I was growing so I thought I would start with the new kitten with my 2 daughters.

If I remember correctly, she used to bring a pre cut cloth and safety pin it around the cage, a towel and litter box. I remember some people had really fancy cages with presewn covers for the cages, sparkles etc... some cages to me seemed to be a little too much. lol

If anyone could update me that would be great. I did google and only found how to prepare my cat for the show, wasn't much help.
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Moving to Breeders Forum as those folks have all the experience and knowledge of this sort of thing.
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I show my sphynx and can help you.
You need cage curtains.
You need a litter pan.
Are you showing in Tica,Acfa or CFA?
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What are the cage diminsions? I think I could try and sew a cage cover.. maybe. I am in the process of moving and my sewing machine is packed. Besides I am not great at sewing anyway. Would it look too tacky with precut cloth around the cage?
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I have not shown in TICA yet but will be in October.
Here is some info I got from the TICA entry form for the show I am going to.
Cage spaces are 45 inches wide.
Here is TICA website.
Look under showing cats.
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I just pack 4 towels and drape them over the sides, bottom, top and back. You'll understand more once you have been to one show.
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Before I bought my own cage for showing, I used to just get 5 matching large towels and clip them around the cage sides (inside) and one on the top, one on the bottom.

I can't show, and most of the cats I showed would rip the fancy curtains up, so I did it pretty plain - but picked colors to show them off depending on the cat color.
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In TICA cage dims can vary depending by the region. In our region they are 36"L x 24D" x 27'H for a single cage. We don't have double cages. In another region we have showed in the cage was a double cage that seemed smaller. I can't recall what the dims are at the moment. Usually the flyer or summary sheet will give you the dims.
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