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White Castle

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Both Ally and Ollie seem really interested in White Castle burgers the few times I've brought it home. I haven't let them have any because the meat is cooked with onions and I don't know what else is in it or the buns.

Just double checking that I'm not being too cautious and depriving my two of a much desired treat - am I right in thinking that letting them taste a White Castle burger (or any burger) is a bad idea and potentially dangerous?
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Well, I thought that White Castle is a bad idea for anybody, people included!!

While I am not an expert, and while i am also somewhat paranoid, I can't imagine a tiny bite once in a while would hurt any. BF has given Genever pieces of snack mix that i know has onion seasoning (and therefore I yelled at him) and she was fine. The real problem that mostly likely will result is them always begging every time you bring home that bag.

However I'm sure others will respond to not even think about giving anything remotely dangerous to a cat. So... use your judgement. Maybe try it once, if they puke, then you know not to give it again. I learned that with cheese. G-cat puked after I gave in to the begging, so she doesn't get it anymore.
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IMHO DO NOT let them ever eat that ...
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Since I am from Ohio, White Castle burgers is almost a staple food. But since it usually goes right through people, if you know what I mean, I can only imagine what it would do to a cat. I would be prepared to do some cleaning up after the cat has eaten one. The burgers are full of grease and low grade meat.
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I think cats like junk food as much as people do.

We used to have a cheese fiend at our house. If you opened the refrigerator and took out the cheddar, you had to give her a small 'tariff' or you wouldn't hear the end of it. She liked it even thouh she always had to run out side and munch the grass afterwards to help her process that rich cheese.

I'd say give 'em a little nibble of the hamburg and see what happens, but be prepared for future begging.
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all I can think about after reading this is i can has cheezburger? but I agree about not letting them, maybe you could get some ground meat and make them a little hamburger with no seasoning to share?
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I would not give them White Castle burgers. If you make burgers at home, though, you can make a small one without seasoning and give them some. We do this sometimes in order to share with the cats and dogs.
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Maybe I'll try that - making them a plain burger patty at home and letting them eat that when I have White Castle.

Can I put cheese on it?
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Originally Posted by LawGuy View Post
Can I put cheese on it?
I don't see why not.
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make sure it is REAL cheese not like processed or velveeta type
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I was at a cat show last spring where one of the judges had had a cheeseburger for lunch - every single cat she worked with right after was absolutely fascinated with her breath, and the judge laughingly explained the attraction of cheeseburgers.

I thought of the I Can Has Cheeseburger site as well!
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Yeah, I get the "I can has cheeseburger" thing now. I guess cats are attracted to the smell of burgers just like us.

make sure it is REAL cheese not like processed or velveeta type
Sorry, I'm not sure I am 100% clear. Are you referring to cheese like the Kraft singles cheese product? It's really soft, so maybe that's processed? Are you basically saying nothing other than a cheese that involves anything more than milk, spices/flavorings, and cheese cultures?

Also, on that same note, are there cheese flavors that are unsafe? I assume Jalepeno Pepper Jack is not safe for example? How about mild cheddar or Muenster?

I'm sure I can find something good for them if cheese is ok for them. I've moved from where oranges, grapefruit, and mangos grew on every tree in the neighborhood and could be found being sold on every street corner to now being where it seems that everywhere Wisconsin cheese is for sale. I've been really meaning to explore the gourmet cheese section at the local grocery store, but wow is it expensive for even a tiny block.

Hmmmm... Maybe Giving Ally and Ollie some cheese (with or without a burger) gives me a good excuse to get a small amount each week of a different (preferably safe for them) flavor.
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Yeah wisconsin cheese not singles

Um peppers I would avoid but some will tell stories... My Kandie RB loved bell peppers
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