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Mama wasn't on the computer for a long time because she went to Spain and later to Africa. She took lots of pictures and she even took a picture of big cats. I'm almost as big as them! It was called a lion. Meanwhile, I stayed home in NYC and I was at Auntie Lilys house with Bruno (her kitty). We had so much fun soaking up the sun and waking Aunt Lily in the middle of the night by running all around the house. Mommy brought back a new collar for me with cute rhinestones. When she came back I couldn't purr any louder and while she was sleeping I would cuddle up beside her in bed.

Mommy said she missed me so much that she would buy me some new fall clothes and toys from her favorite site.YIPEEEE! I'm so excited! She said she bought the following
-a coat for our evening walks (well Mamas carrying me but we can say it's a walk)
-yet another collar. I love them
-a toy!
- Mommy said this bed matches out furniture so she didnt even think twice! Looks comfy!

and lots more!

Mommy wanted to see what other kitties thought of these gifts? I love her