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A pretty lousy day!

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Actually a day and a half.

I was on my way to a Babies R Us store in Oklahoma City. There was lightning all around but no rain yet. I even saw lightning strike a big transformer. Big flash, that a long green glow.

It was 11:45 p.m. I had just gotten off I-235 going north and onto I-44 going west, just getting up to speed. Suddenly there was a big bang. Lost of gray smoke. The steering wheel wasn't shaking, so it had to be the engine. Pulled over to the shoulder on a ramp, out of harms way. Shut off the engine. Opened the hood, and that's where the smoke was from. Strong smell of oil. Engine oil everywhere. And a hole blown in the big exhaust pipe, just behind the turbocharger. Blown up turbocharger, apparently.

Started to rain. Put out my hazard triangles. Called dispatch and told them the problem. They transferred me to the shop, told them the problem all over. They arranged for a tow truck. He was there in less than an hour. Hooked up the truck and delivered the trailer to the store (the tow-truck driver wasn't particularly happy about that, but I broke down only a mile from the store). Dispatch arranged a room at the Motel 6, and the tow truck dropped me off. Got checked in and went to bed.

In the morning, I walked out front to find a place for breakfast. Ah, an IHOP and a Waffle House handy. Went to the Waffle House and had a pecan waffle and coffee. Started to get my wallet out to pay.

No wallet.

I assumed it had fallen out of my pocket in the room. I left my company ID with the waitress and went to look for it. Not in the room. Maybe I left it at the counter of the motel when I checked in? Not there. Realized it was probably stolen and called Dottie to have her start cancelling the credit cards, etc.

One card had already been used twice for gas. None of the others were used. Went back to the Waffle House, explained the situation. The gave me a slip to send them the money.

Took all day for the repair shop to decide they weren't going to have the truck ready by Wednesday. Talked to Dottie, and she decided to drive up to pick me up. Finally got home at 2:30 this morning.

It shot my trip to Baton Rouge last night, so I'm going to have to do a fill-in tonight to Bossier City. I'll be paid hourly for all the time I was broken down (from Monday night to Wednesday morning), minus 10 hours for my required off-duty time. And they're paying for the mileage up and back on Dottie's car.

One thing that may have saved me: I don't sign my credit cards. I just put "SEE ID" in magic marker in the signature blank.

There was only about $35 in the wallet, plus 5 credit cards, a credit card belonging to the company, my medical cards, a few business cards. I may have gotten off easy.

Put a fraud hold on my credit record. Requested new medical cards. Filed a police report.

Now I have to go get my driver's license replaced.

What fun!
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(((hug))) I'm sorry!!
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Wow that was a lousy day and a half. Having your wallet stolen, or even just lost for that matter is the worse feeling in the world especially when you start thinking of the possible damage that can be done..
At least the people at the waffle house proved that there are still a few nice people left in the world by letting you send them the money at a later date...
Hopefully you'll get everything straightened out and things back to normal as quickly as possible...
A few hang in there vibes coming your way.

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God, that's a nightmare!!! Thank goodness you are safe and sound, and all you are going through is just the hassle... Considering everything, you were lucky - it could been worst.
here is for a better day!
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Bleah! that stinks! Where in that chain of events do you think your wallet was pinched?

I went to the emergency room a couple of years ago and forgot to hand my purse/wallet to my sister who met me there. When I checked out after being there 4 days (infection) I couldn't find my check card. Then I went online and checked my bank statements and someone had been using it during the time I was lying in the hospital. Called the bank and reported the fraud. Wrote a letter to the hospital - no one there ever responded. It had to have been lifted WHILE I was lying there sick.
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I may have left it lying on the motel counter, and my first wild guess is that it was the desk clerk who took it and maybe passed it along. Who knows for sure? I had it when I checked in, I didn't have 50 feet later, since it wasn't in the room.
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Oh my! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong!

I hope today is better for you! Look on the bright side, it can't go anywhere but up after yesterday!
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In the trucking biz, you learn early on that some trips go sour from the start. It has nothing to do with you. It's just the way the mop flops.
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Yikes! It sounds like a couple of these apply: Murphy's laws site
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yuck, that really does sound miserable!! Glad nothing big got charged to your cards before you realized they were stolen!!
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