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Warning to anyone wanting to get their cat pregnant

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An irresponsible, if kindly persone, rescued my two lovely strays ( as well as their sister) from a tied up plastic bag. BUT she didn't get the females spayed. When I got Misty, she was already pregnant, so so young, she's only 11 months now so she must have been about 9 months if not less when she got pregnant. Now, she's, as I type bawling my eyes out, at the vets having a caesarian!!!!!!!!!!
Having to go through that for what....? There are so MANY little kittens out there that need homes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't do this to your cats, ANYONE, it's not worth the risk. Get them neutered and spayed, so they have a happy life with no unnecessary pain. I only wish that I'd found her so she wouldn't have to go through this.

And even though I ADMIT I have been looking forward to the birth, I like everyoone else love kittens, I would not have taken this risk, I would have got some from the RSPCA or somewhere.

Now my best friend is under anaesthetic and I'm ripping my hair out. Please take this as a cautionary tale, it's not worth the risk, if you love your cats, get them spayed.

That's all, I just don't want anyone else having to go through this and berating themselves. I myself feel like going to see that woman and telling her what happened so she would know for the future, although maybe not now, because now I just want to shout at her, my poor scared Misty is there because of pur irresponsibility.
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Good post! I wish I could catch Pepe and Zeb to get them fixed...now I have to wait until the babies are old enough! Pray for me to get them fixed soon! I can't have more baby kitties around! Thanks
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Thank you for posting your message. More and more I keep hearing how people are letting their cats get pregnant on purpose, and I'm not talking about established breeders. It is inconceivable to me how someone could think it's great to have their cat come and go as they please, having litter after litter. This really burns me up!!! There are places where I live that will spay/neuter for as little as $20.00. Granted I live in a big Metropolitan area, but I can't be the only one who has access to this type of resource. Cats can go into heat before they are 6 months old and with todays modern veterinary care, can be safely spayed/neutered as early as 4 months. It's one thing when you find a pregnant stray and take her in and get her fixed after she has her kittens but there are some very careless people out there who throw caution to the wind and just let things happen which results in feral colonies, stray pets, shelter overpopulation and euthanasia.

Sending good vibes to you and your fur baby. She'll be fine, she's in good hands
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I'm sorry about your baby I pray for a smooth operation and healthy kittens.
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Linka, any word from the vet yet?
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Great message!! I sure hope you baby is okay and the kittens are healthy.
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I applaude all of you for such responcible responces! I am a breeder of Persian cats and yet I have spayed and neutered several of my kitties because they were not suitable to improve their lines. I have two that are now just woderful pet kitties that have never bred nor have any desire to.

Just giving them the chanse to be a mom isn't a good reason as some kitties could care less about their young, especially first time moms and very young ones. The kittens then die a slow death due to neglect by the mom or being premature and not able to survive.

Please visit a shelter for the many homeless babies and adults that deserve a loving furever home. Older cats are also so sad and confused by being locked in a cage at a shelter. They are wondering what they could have done to deserve this and often lose the will to live.
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What a brave thing for you to write. The emotion and distress you are feeling must be so overwhelming right now. I applaud you for being able to write about such a serious topic when you are so upset.

Thank you for sharing this very important message with everyone here.

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There is nothing like the impact of a message from one who has walked that mile. I think all of us get caught up in the cuteness of tiny baby kittens, but when you watched your beloved pet's life in jeopardy, the priority of what's important hit home. Bravo, linka.
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Thank you for this. As upset as you are, for your thread up above shows you are clearly distraught. You thought it important enough to tell everyone the reality of what can happen when a backyard breeding occurs.

Yes kittens are cute as can be, but the risks to the young mom cats and to the kittens far outweigh that first moment when they appear in the world. If anyone wants to see a cute kitten- just visit an animal shelter near you. They have plenty to go around.

Good luck linka with the two survivors, and with Misty.
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