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Magic's at it again

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Well, Here I am again. I just got another love bite from my Black cat.. Magic. He is so strange sometimes. He bites your ankles if you walk to close to him or when he wants attention or food or just becuz.... I can pet him and he'll be purring and then he'll turn around and bite you. Is this how some cat's show affection???? I Love him anyway, but my friends don't appreciate getting bit when they walk by too close or pet him and he bites them. He was neutered when young but has always had an arrogant male cat kind of attitude. Is there anyone with any ideas on this or how to get him to be more kind??
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hmm... :confused2

i dont have any suggestions, really...

i have a male cat that also has that arrogant attitude, but, he doesnt bite or scratch,
he just gives you this look... that says it all ! :goodbad:

do you try discipling him right after he bites ? as in, does he know it is not appreciated ?
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This was just asked, check this thread as well.
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The way to modify the aggression that happens when you pet him is to do the following:

1. Get a clock with a second hand and see how long you can pet him before he bites.

Lets say that you can pet him for 3 minutes before a bite happens. What you do next is:

2. Pet him for 2 minutes and even though he is still purring stop petting him (don't go the whole 3 minutes...stop early!). Do this for about a week. This shows him he can sit in your lap and be happy without becoming over stimulated.

3. Then every two to three days add another 20 seconds or so to your petting until you are able to pet him longer than the original 3 minutes.

The important thing is to go slowly....and to pay attention to the clock. By adding only 20 seconds or so every few days you are teaching him to sit with you calmly without biting.

Also, pay attention to his pre-bite signals. If you see his tail starting to twitch quickly or his ears laying back or going forward (or whatever his personal pre-bite signals are) immediately stop petting him and just sit quietly until he calms back down.

If he bites while you are adding seconds then go back to the length of time he could sit with you before without biting and stay there for a few days before adding any more time.

This kind of aggression is sometimes related to hypothyroidism. If he is an older cat, this might be part of the problem.
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