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Bad Cat Games

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I had to share with a few people who would understand. So Tasha, our wild cat, has come around IMMENSELY since Peaches showed up, and is now casually strolling away from my husband instead of fleeing in blind terror. Either way we are both enjoying more & more time in her company (only took her a year, but we all progress at our own pace right? ).

We live in a VERY old house & to get our box-spring up to our bedroom hubby had to cut it in half the rig it back together with some plywood (I know, fancy!). So there is a bit of a gap (see where I'm going here?)

Last night, in the middle of the night I was awoken because Tasha is IN the box spring, RUNNING AROUND and Miss Kitty is under the bed chasing her. They made a terrible racket, and were shaking the entire bed!! Needless to say I was NOT impressed.

The little scamp has allot of nerve too! When I got up this morning I poked my head under the bed and there she is laying right in the gap in our box spring with a little cat-smirk on. Then she reaches down & grabs her little mouse-toy and pulls it up into the box spring with her .

I'm glad Tasha is spending more time with us, but maybe a little less would be nice too . What a brat!!!
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Oh yeah, she is getting real comfortable with you. Now your in for it!

My cat Sydney used to go inside the box spring and sleep. Luckily he never played inside it, but he also never had another kitty to chase after him!
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