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Abby, Last vet visit?

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Hi everyone. So I was hoping that you could send lots of good thoughts and prayers to my sister and her kitty Abby. Tomorrow is going to be a hard vet visit cause Abby isn't doing well and tomorrow is the vet visit where she has to decide what to do. Poor baby, she's developed some major health problems, thyroid problems, major allergies (to foods and the meds for the other problems), kidney problems, and she's gone downhill really fast lately and none of us want her to suffer. Abby's about 15 to 17, hard to say, I found her almost starved to death under a bush. She's a very short haired cat and she still had burrs worked into her fur. It took me over an hour to work them out. The vet said a few more days and she would have been dead. Judging by the way she reacted to some people it was pretty clear she'd been abused by someone. As the person who rescued her, this is hard for me too, cause I still love sweet little Abby who decided to trust one more human that day when she walked up to me and let me pick her up. I gave her to my sister and she's been very loved since then. There might be other things things they can try but my sister is at that awful fork in the road, cause you love them so much, you wish they lived forever. So, if you guys could send them both vibes and prayers. I'll let you know how it goes.

Love you much Abby sweetie!
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I've not yet been in a position where I had to make such a hard decision. I can only imagine what your sister is going through. How long has she had Abby? for a good vet visit and that she can make the best choice for Abby.
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Lots of for this tough decision
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Bless all of your hearts.
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I've had to make that decision for our dog, I never want to go through that again, so I know its hard.... good luck
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Lots of and a big .It's never an easy decision, but I'm sure your sister will do what's best.
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