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Cat caesarians

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Can anyone tell me how dangerous cat caesarians are?

My little baby Misty has been kept in at the vet's and they are doing a caesarian, I don't know what to think, do, I'm scared for her, and the kittens and I've still got an hour to go before I find out if she's ok.

Please can someone tell me if their cat has ever had one or if they can be safe. I'm really losing it.

I love her so much.
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Your cat is in the best possible hands right now. Vets do c-sections on animals all the time. Misty will be sore for a number of days after coming home, and you will have to keep her as quiet as you can, and if you have a small area where she can be contained, that would be best for her, so she won't exert herself.

Here is a website that gives you an online tour of their facility as well as shows you what goes on in operations.This is a c-section for a dog, but maybe it will help put your mind at ease a bit.

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Tabks alot Hissy,

Will the kittens still be able to suckle? And is there any risk she'll be more likely to reject them?
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I don't honestly know the answer to that linka. Each situation is so different. Please try not to worry though. I know it is hard, but please just try and relax.Misty needs you to have a clear head on this for her. She is in the best place of all right now. They may even decide to keep her overnight, I don't know. Just take it one step at a time and know you have a support line with this board.
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Thanks so much Hissy, I've just heard and she and her 4 kittens are doing fine!!!!

I'm going to go see her now, and they said I CAN PROBABLY take her home later tonight!!!

Thanks so much for the advice!!
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That's great news, congratulations!!!
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GREAT!!!! How wonderful for you and Momma!!! 4 babies....can't wait to see pictures!!! Do you have a digital camera?

We want more details when you can like what color the kittens are okay?

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